To JPG, or not to JPG? That is the question...

  1. So I need help girls... Say hypothetically that I am offered a JPG...hmmm, let's say gold clemence with ph, should I jump at that? I know these bags are quite rare and I do like the fun look of the JPG...but I am not sure that I would carry one that often because since I do hear that they are heavy.
    I feels very hard for me to resist...what do you think?
  2. RC, do you travel often or take day trips? If you do, you will use it quite often. I thought about parting with mine but just can't do it. It's such a fun looking bag! I'd say GO FOR IT!!!
  3. It took me a while to warm up to mine...but now I take it constantly! Even though it's heavy, it is so nice to put the bag on my shoulder. I would say...if I were offerend another one, I'd take it.
  4. ^^H_addict, you have such gorgeous bags. Do you like the gold ph combo?
  5. I personally don't recommend it.. i had one and it was really heavy AND when i carry it, i use to hit ppl walking on my side whenever i turn my shoulder.. lol
  6. GM, could you remind me on your color combo? and what do you all think of gold/ph clemence??

  7. YES, very much so! Gold/PH is a FAB combo, IMO! To be quite honest, I wish I'd gotten my JPG in etoupe or gold instead of BJ. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE BJ but sometimes I think it makes the bag look so much larger than it is because it's such a bright color.
  8. ^^Thanks Irene. You have such great taste so I appreciate your opinion! :heart:
  9. Mine is chartruse (sp?) with palladium. I have a 35 gold...I LOVE that color.
  10. ^^thanks GM. I think I am going to have to go rob a bank...there is so much that I just can't seem to resist! :smile:
  11. Ok, that made me laugh! I know the feeling...sometimes I wonder if I need serious meds! Let us all know what you decide.
  12. i have been LOVING gold lately but i'm not sure the color is really you. i think of you as such fun colors.... but i could be way off.
  13. OUI OUI OUI! If you love the style, what a classic color/combo! I think you'd rock the JPG, RC.

    Pics soon, pls!! :heart:
  14. Are you able to try it on before you have to decide?

    It is heavy, but since you drive most places, it may be ok.....
  15. I kind of agree....given that I don't know you and have only see you modelling bags, but the JPG in Gold w/ PH is a great way to do this style. However, I have to say that it might be best if you could try out the style prior to purchase, just to get a sense of the size. Awhile back, I thought that I wanted this style and after trying it on around the store I found that I couldn't make it work.