To Jaune or Not to Jaune

  1. Hello, my name is Darcie and I am a Chloe addict.:biggrin:

    [Hello Darcie!]

    Soooooo... most of you know my story and my bags by now (apparently
    I am also addicted to this board, thank all!! :heart:).

    I just got my blanc today :love:

    She is everything I hoped for and more!

    THEN!!! I got a second chance offer from an eBay auction I bid on last week for a pre-loved Jaune paddy. It's a nice shade, I have held it IRL
    and coveted it. The price is perfect and the bag is in MINT condition.

    Trouble is that I wasn't expecting a Second Chance offer-- and I have
    FOUR already.

    I almost never ask for advice on these kind of things, but what do you
    all think?????

    Any Jeune owners share their love/whatever for this color????

    All comments welcome :flowers:

    ... stay tuned for pics of the New Fam :yahoo:
  2. Well... I am a Chloe addict too. I have the Jaune in baby Paddy style. This is on top of my baby Taupe, medium Blanc, medium orange, small front pocket satchel Whiskey... with baby Aicer and medium Navy on order from LVR.

    I carry the Jaune when I want a bit more "pop" than the Taupe or Blanc, but less than orange. I love the soft yellow colour of the Jaune.

    Does this help? :P
  3. Darcie,

    Your thread made me smile. :smile: Okay, usually I am very encouraging about new handbag purses. I think we all are. However, on this one I am going to going to give the exact opposite advice.

    So you have mousse, blanc, whiskey and chocolate. And now you wanted jaune? But did you really want jaune? If you really wanted jaune it would have been jaune instead of the chocolate sitting in your closet. Or whiskey. Or blanc. But it isn't. You got a second chance at jaune and now you are itching to take it! You are grabbin' it up for all the wrong reasons.

    But beware of the paddington overload. This happens to some people. They buy 4....5.....6 paddingtons and end up only carry 1 or 2. The others sit in a closet, unused. Eventually the owner finds a new brand to adore and those 4 paddingtons that aren't used end up being sold for less than what they were purchased for. Believe me, I've seen it time and time again! Also, owning too many of a good thing dilutes its "specialness". Not to mention the most important thing: bag rotation. Do you really think all of your bags will get equal bag rotation? Already you are partial to mousse. You may wear blanc for a couple of months because it's new but you'll find yourself reverting back to mousse again. When I buy new bags I always try to ask myself, "do I need this color? Will it fill a gap in my collection that no other bag can fill? Or will it subplant my xyz bag?" For instance, I need a red bag. I truly do. I have lots of clothes with red belts....but no red purse. Whiskey and chocolate won't is too dull...LV print will not do it. I need a red bag!

    Again, my point is this. Say you have a box of chocolates. It comes with 4 pieces. You have 1 dark chocolate mint morsel (mousse paddy). YUM! :drool: You then have 1 triple chocolate morsel (chocolate) YUM! :love: Then you twiddle your fingers and get coconut cream morsel (blanc) Wow! :yes: By now you may have had your fill. But no! The waiter comes by and offers you another box. This new box has 4 pieces instead of 3. It has the same three you just had plus a new piece known as the nougat morsel (jaune). You try it and like it. It may end up being your favorite. It may not. The first bite always intrigue us. But it is the chocolate pieces that we continually go to that make them special. The point is...when you open a box of chocolates don't you usually go to the same pieces? You may try a new piece, sure. But don't you eventually, weeks later, end up throwing away a half eaten boxes because the other pieces were neglected?

    So my lasting advice is to think about these points: Are going to have no guilt over the purchase? Financially it doesn't matter? It won't dilute the specialness of all 4 other paddingtons? Your bag rotation will be fine? You can truly say to yourself that it isn't the second offer that is tempting but the actual bag is what is tempting?

    Only you can answer these questions to come to a final decision. :yes:
  4. Good Advice LG - although Jaune is a great color.
  5. Most excellent points to consider LG

    I think I want Jaune cause it's a good deal :shame:

    When I was hunting for chocolate and blanc I ran into jaune and thought
    "Oh I could totally live with that!!". But I didn't buy her then. When I found
    mousse I thought , "YES, I can't live without that".

    I don't really feel that way about Jaune now.

    And you are soo right. How on earth could I rotate through 5 bags and
    give each equal play? I have rouge on the way (shhhh!) for the holidays
    too, plus a host of OTHER bags I have seemingly forgotten about!!!

    (I solemnly promise not to "borrow" Mom's whiskey :angel:)

    I doubt I could transfer the Jaune second chance offer to someone else
    but if you are interested I can PM the original listing ,etc.
  6. Hi hmwe46,

    LG has given some sound advice more Paddy is probably too much of a good thing; I will add one more point:

    When the next IT/signature/TDF/trendy bag comes along and (gasp!) renders the Paddy passe, will you still tote around your existing Paddys?
  7. Jaune is an absolutely wonderful color that grows on you. But it sounds like you have quite a few paddies. Unless the style is different (I have my eye on a zip jaune), I would probably pass.

    On the second chance offer, make sure that it's from the seller. There have been some spoof email second chance offers. So if you decide to take the leap, make sure that it's the guy/gal who was selling the original bag, not some fraud elsewhere!

    Good luck and let us know what you decide! ;)
  8. Excellent idea BL! :smile:

    I have my eye on these Louboutin's too:

    eBay: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN BLACK LASTIC STILETTO BOOTS 38/8 (item 110026133333 end time Sep-02-06 21:22:37 PDT)

    Here is the first auction for the Jaune:

    eBay: Authentic Chloe Paddington Sachel - Jaune (Mustard) (item 110024163216 end time Aug-27-06 20:34:43 PDT)

    I am pretty certain the Second Chance offer is good (see it on
    my eBay list too). If someone else is interstested perhaps they
    could contact the seller. It's a great price and the bags looks
    pristine, I have add'l pics too (PM if you want).
  9. Hehee I've been eyeing the same jaune paddy auction hmwe..!!:P

    ....Today I held jaune baby paddy in my hands for awhile in my local chloe boutique but my boyfriend stopped me... As he stopped me with blanc pocket tote today - and he's right as I get exited too easily, especially about handbags! :lol: :roflmfao:
  10. Go for it Sonja!!! I'd feel so much better if you got it :yes:

    (is this co-dependancy at it's finest???)

  11. I LOVE the colour, i've been looking for this colour since it first came out and i've only ever seen one on, months's truly beautiful!:love:

    But....if you already have several other colours, unless you are collecting all the Chloe colours available (lol) i would think that you might not get enough use out of this bag.

    IMO, this colour is absolutely perfect for summer, weddings, christenings etc.

    I don't think it's necessarily a colour that will go with everyday clothing, especially if you wear alot of dark colours for daytime (work, college etc)

    Whatever you decide to do, let us know - and feel free to pass that second chance offer over this way!!:wlae: :graucho:

    (JK, i'd be TOTALLY crucified...:angel:)
  12. lordguinny always speaks the truth!!! I know how you feel hmwe46.. I'm always seeing paddys I want to buy! :love: The thing is I want them to be special. Even though there are so many that I like, there are only a few that I need. You made a good choice by passing (next spring they may be another paddy you can't live without!) :yes:
  13. Thanks gals!!

    You helped me "save" a lot of money!! :roflmfao: