To insure or not to insure?

  1. I have another ebay question. I hate bothering you all but I really need some advice since everyone here seems to have ebay experience.

    I sold a bag of mine on ebay and the shipper declined to buy insurance. The winner is new to ebay and I've e-mailed her a couple times, making sure she doesn't want insurance. It's been almost a week since my auction ended and I still haven't heard from the winner.

    Should I pay for insurance out of my pocket to be on the safe side or should I wait for a couple more days? I've never had the problem where a winner/bidder has just up and left so I don't know what to do!

    I'm looking out for the bidder as well as myself. I'd hate for the package to get lost and have it fall back on me and/or for the winner to have lost out.

    Thanks everyone in advance!

    EDIT: According to Paypal, I have to ship the item within seven days. I'm worried about this which is why I wish she'd e-mail me back =/
  2. did you state in your auction you were going to be held accountable if the buyer chooses not to purchase insurance? if you did, then dont purchase insu because obv thats apart of the terms and conditions of your auction. If you didnt include that, then Id probably buy insurance for my own piece of mind in case she trys to pull a fast one, or atleast delivery confirmation or signature.
  3. I always buy insurance cause it is cheap and I am a chronic pessimist.
  4. I always buy and insist on selling insurance. It saved my butt one time when USPS lost a package I shipped. It took 2 months and they never found it but the buyer and I were both saved because of it.
  5. Unfortunately, I didn't state that I won't be held accountable if the buyer doesn't purchase insurance in my auction. However, I did give her the option of buying insurance.

    Should I do insurance and signature required? That's about $4.20 but I hate these unexpected ebay fees. Well, at least I know to put that in my auction from now on! I was just trying to be nice :sad:

    So even if she e-mails me back and says she doesn't want insurance, can I still be held accountable since I didn't state that in my auction?
  6. Ummmm I would tend to say no because of caveat emptor and you offered it. Then again, it really all depends on what state you are in and what state she is in. So maybe the best option is that when you email her soon, tell her that if she doesn't want insurance, she will bear the loss?
  7. Always get insurance, just in case something happens to the package.
  8. Update: I asked ebay's live help about my situation and they said that as long as I offered insurance and I have receipt of sending the package out, then it's out of my hands since they didn't take my insurance offer.
  9. I always insist on insurance and if the bag isn't too expensive, I usually absorb the costs. IT's safer that way.
  10. you need to get it anyways to cover your own ass. she could say she never got it and thenyou are out of the money or the post office could "lose" your bag too. get it. it is for your sake, not the buyers
  11. The buyer can't say she didn't get it as long as the sign is required...anyway she just need to keep proof of shipment,a receipt with tracking number...if the buyer wish to take this risk,if the item should get lost,it wouldn't be your matter.Just keep receipt with tracking number and the emails where buyer states she doesn't want to ensure the package. JMO :amuse: :biggrin:
  12. Thank you ALL for your advice!

    I went ahead and got insurance to be on the safe side. Also, if it's over a certain amount, the buyer has to sign for it anyway, so I just got insurance and delivery confirmation. I was out a dollar and some change but that's worth my piece of mind!

    Yay! :smile: