To ilovemylife ~ what an awesome exotics collection!

  1. ilovemylife, don't think we didn't see your photo in the reference section. Share with us the specs, if you will!


    Is that a croc Kelly Longue???????!!!!!!!!!
  2. OMG:wtf::drool:
  3. holy moly..smokes!!!!!
    Can I see more? Pleaseeeee????
  4. Whoa!!!!
  5. OH MY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one hell of a collection!
  6. Gasp!!!!!!:nuts:

    I'd love my life too!!:p
  7. :drool: wooooowww....
  8. I just died and went to H heaven....
  9. Taking a deep breath...stepping backwards...carefully...treading softly...beautiful collection.

  10. Move over, and I'll sit on the cloud and drool with you!
  11. Eyes are seriously falling out!!! AMAZING! stunning collection.
  12. Ooohhh la laaaa!
  13. DAYAM!!!!!!! THIS IS WAY TOO HOT!!!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  14. Stunning!! Breath Taking!!!
    I have never seen anything like this!!
    I know why your screen name is "ilovemylife" :heart:33
  15. wow!!! that tricolor ostrich kelly is TDF!!!!!!!!