to highlight or not to highlight???

  1. I have dark brown hair, and I was thinking about getting highlights one or two shades lighter, but def. not blonde like Victoria Beckham. I asked one of my friends what she thought and she said that it's a widely known fact that brown hair with highlights look tacky, and that it should be done only on blondes. Do you guys think this is true??? I tried to look for pictures of what I want, but most celebrities with brown hair such as Nicole Ritchie, Lindsay Lohan, and Hillary Duff all have solid hair with no highlights, which my friend says proves her point.
  2. Highlights on brown hair are gorgeous if you choose the right shade. Look at Angelina Jolie. She has subtle and beautiful golden hightlights. =)
  3. Yeah it can look really good. I mean a highlight isnt always can just be a lighter shade of brown or more carmel. It adds dimension
  4. I think highlights on dark hair either look really good or really bad. I agree with the others the need to be very subtle and not blonde.
  5. Actually all those celebs with brown hair have highlights. The highlights are very small, but those highlights help give the look of volume to their hair, otherwise plain brown hair can look dull and flat. I just read about that in a magazine (I forget which one, maybe January Elle or Bizarre?) but there was a section all about the newest brown hair craze from the celeb stylist that has been dying all the celebs hair brown (Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff.) I also have been thinking about getting highlights too but don’t want that overdone highlight-look. I was thinking about bringing that article in for my hair stylist to read and get a better idea of what I want done.
  6. i have naturally dark hair and have used LOTS of hilights to change the overall shade of my hair. it has a lot more depth than doing an overall color, and it doesn't look "hilighted." there's absolutely no streaks or lines of any sort. if you get it done properly, it doesn't have that awful hilighted look that your friend is talking about. most people don't believe that my hair was ever dark brown, because it doesn't look like i've added lines of blonde to it. it's all in getting a good stylist!
  7. It's all in the technique and skill of the person doing the highlights. Start off with just a few around the face - use the highest lift possible without using bleach. Ask for a natural "sun-kissed" (as the mags say) look.
  8. I personally think blond/ lighter brown highlights are tricky with dark brown hair. You would definitely need to go to a good colorist to get a natural looking shade. I think red or auburn highlights are much easier and can be really pretty. Red/auburn breaks up the solid color without the risk of looking like a zebra.
  9. I have dark hair and do highights. My stylist is an excellent technichian and does three colors on my hair that makes it look great (mixtures of reds, browns). You need to go to a good pro--ask for recommendations from others who have similar hair.
  10. I've done some crazy highlights in my hair in the past, and now, I'm totally au naturel. I personally think highlights are not that ...."fashionable" anymore... but if you do get them done, make it look natural. Ask the stylist to give you 3 different coloured highlights all within the same tone as your natural hair.
  11. I have very dark brown hair...and finally after months of people asking me if I was coloring it even darker I went to talk to the salon about highlights. We started out 2 shades lighter than my hair ... and in more of a carmel tone than blonde. I got tons of compliments. After a couple sessions of that I went ONE shade lighter. Now I get compliments all the time about how amazing my hair looks...and nobody quite knows why. And I've been doing it long enough that we do highlights and lowlights now so that I'm not too light all over.

    So in my opinions....subtle highlights on dark brunettes is fabulous!
  12. I think that subtle ones are nice