to heatstamp or not to heatstamp

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  1. i am debating heatstamping my new agenda. i really love the idea of my initials in it. but then again if i ever want to sell it i can't.

    i know there's a heatstamping club but i'm just wondering- do you guys do it? pros cons?
  2. Well there's not much to it... if you want to keep it, heat stamp it.
  3. agreed
  4. ok, thanks.
  5. I had the luggage tag on my Mono Keepall 45 stamped. I would only do it on my other items if I knew that I was going to keep them. I think it would look great on a wallet or agenda.
  6. Get it stamped, you will have it for years and years.:yes:
  7. where can i find info on stamping? its not on the LV website. do you stamp the inside or out? how many letters? what do you guys put? how much is it? can you pick the font?
  8. just found a thread, got all the info. sorry for barging in.