To heatstamp keyfob or wait...

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  1. I have the red Kusama keyfob and I really want to have my initials heat stamped on there but I am going to be married next year and will be taking his name. Is it a good idea or bad idea to get my current initials ALG on it now or wait until I'm married and get my new initials ALB? This is a weird question but maybe some of you have had this dilemma before and any input would be helpful :smile:
  2. Not really a weird question. I've thought of the same thing as well which is why i'm choosing to wait until after I'm married to have my wallet heat stamped.
  3. Thank you! :smile:
  4. I say wait too. It will be a special treat after the big day!
  5. I'd wait and get "new" initials!!
  6. When I got married I wanted to take my husband's last name, but professionally I'm known by my last name and there was some discussion as to whether changing it would cause confusion. I think I literally decided at the last moment to keep my maiden name and only my private email uses his last name.

    If this is at all a factor for you, you could cover all bases by just having it initialled A.
  7. Firstly, congrats on your engagement!! A year from now, LV will likely have something out that you will love and can heat stamp with your new initials. So if you do it now, it can be something of a nostalgic item from your final days as a single lady. :smile: But if would hurt your fiancés feelings, I'd just wait.
  8. I d wait :smile:
  9. Get the new initials now. When my then fiancé and I were getting Internet for the first time...back when msn was still alive, I got my email address to be my : first initial, middle initial, new last name......prior to the wedding= and we're still together. Go for it

    (This was also approx. within 6 or 7 mos. of the date):P
  10. I was debating on whether to heat stamp my white Kusama charm, but since it is LE and with fear of the gold flaking I decided to keep it as is. So instead, I purchased a luggage tag and had that heat stamped and I couldn't be happier. And if the gold would eventually flake off that, I wouldn't be as near as upset as if it happened to my charm which will be literally irreplacable. My initials are ALC by the way, maiden ALB, but ultimately went with my first name ANN.
  11. I think I would just use my first initial. I always like those, when they are posted. JMO
  12. I am going through the same dilema! I was at LV last night and was asking about having my sarah wallet hotstamped. I am engaged and getting married next spring/summer. I was thinking of getting my initials with my maiden name (this will be my second marriage). I couldn't decide so my wonderful SA suggested I wait or at least think about it as once it's done it's permanent. He's right as I am really undecided at this point. :sad: