To have and to hold . . . I Wish! Advice Please

  1. I am just so confused. I am loving the silver metallic flap and the gold flap posted recently by chanelboy. Unfortunately, we don't have any chanel shops where I am from and it is just so difficult to decide. If I could just HOLD (reason for my title) both bags for awhile then I would know what I want to HAVE!:yes:

    So I am relying on you ladies to help me. For those who have seen these bags which is more of a striking color. How would you describe the leather and color of each. And if you had to decide on one which would it be.

    note: I have a grey reissue, is it similar in color to the metallic silver flap. thanks again!
    Gold Flap.JPG J4.JPG
  2. sorry, double post
  3. OMG....go for the silver one!!!!!:tup: No offense to the gold one, but gold always looks a bit matronly on Chanel bags...JMO.

    I think I'm going to get the silver one too......I keep looking at the pix and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!:yahoo:
  4. I like the gold one!
  5. i keep looking at the pics that I attached and I love them both! Please help me decide!
  6. please help me decide on which one thanks
  7. I'll go for silver. It can better match you clothes. I saw the gold in real life and it kind of looks like something you put up on display instead of wear it. I can't think of an event where I would wear that bag because its just so... Gold. haha.. but it is beautiful though. but not practical IMO
  8. I saw both this morning. The gold is almost a bronze color, definitely a dressier bag than the sliver. But thay are both georgeous. They were at the Saks chanel boutique in Phoenix, AZ. the gold is the size of an e/w with a double chain handle. I almsot got it, but I already have a light gold reissue 227 size. Which they have another one of by the way.

    The leather on both is TDF!!! it is textured and sanded almost with a grainy feel, loos very durable frankly. They silver comes in the med flap size and seems more versatile in how/where you can wear it.

    good luck, both are lovely!
  9. I personally prefer the silver. Go for that one. Seems like you'd get more use out of it.

    trishaluvslv - I was at Saks today too! Nothing that great at the second cut sale though.
  10. My vote is for the silver!
  11. Another vote for silver! It's beautiful!
  12. i'd go for silver too...i agree with the others, it'll likely be easier to match your clothes and be more versatile
  13. Definitely the silver!!!
  14. silver for sure.
  15. I think trishaluvsvl described it very well.
    I would go for the silver one . However, i have seen a black one too which is also very beautiful. The gold is more of an event bag.