To Hardware or not to hardware

  1. Hi! I was fantasising about the Electric Blue work that I'll be getting from BalNY as soon as they get it in and though I've made up my mind to get it in RH, an image of it with GGH suddenly popped up in my head and I can't stop thinking about it. So I thought that I'd get people's opinions on hardware and see if they regretted not getting/getting giant hardware and why and if it's worth weight and/or the price difference. :coolpics: are very welcome too. ;)
  2. I had the same dilemma a few week's back, and decided to go with the GSH on a Black Day bag. I LOVE IT!!!, and don't regret getting the Giant Hardware for one second. My next Balenciaga, which will be a hobo, will have Giant Hardware as well. Good luck!
  3. A GH Day... you can't feel the weight difference.

    A GH City or PT... definitely 3lbs more. But.. if you swing it over your shoulder by the handles... after a couple of uses.. you get use to it. :biguns:... and you get to work out your shoulders!:boxing:
  4. I prefer the GH to the RH, though the latter is starting to grow on me after getting my first RH City. One thing I have to admit the weight of a GH City is much heavier than a RH City and for a person who carries a lot of items it is a drawback for me. However, like what oogiewoogie said, after a couple of uses on the shoulder, you will just get used to it :p
  5. I just received an 07 black city with SGH and it is spectacular! I was a little hesitant about my choice at first because the SGH does take some getting used to, but now that I have it, I really think that the SGH makes the bag even that much more special. Good luck!
  6. I love giant hardware, I would choose it over RH any day.
  7. I'm probably the wrong one to ask, but I say RH. I've tried my hardest to like the giant hardware but it's just not me.
  8. The one thing I love about the GH is that I don't have to worry about the tassells eventually breaking off someday. But then the tassells also are what give the Bbags that alluring look imo. Certain colors look great with RH, SGH and GGH. Again imo. I think the electric blue would SGH would be WOW!
  9. I 'm perhaps the minority that I'd prefer RH, esp in city.. it's much lighter
  10. Personally, I am getting my EB in RH, but I do think the SGH would go very well. I have too much GH now, so that is the only reason why I chose RH.
  11. I love the look of the GH but not on me. They're also quite heavy and I prefer a lighter bag myself so just RH for me.
  12. I actually just purchased my first GH bag - an aqua ggh hobo. I honestly never loved the gh, let alone in gold, but something about this color combo just "did it" for me if you know what I mean. Like sweetpurple said, I think it definitely depends on the color of the bag.
  13. I have very specific wants when it comes to GH. I like the GH only in the Hobo and Day for some reason. Everything else, especially if it's squarish, needs to be RH for me. I also really like the RH because of the ability to wear whatever jewelry. When I wear GGH, I feel compelled to change all of my jewelry to yellow gold from my usual white gold.

    So it depends, do you wear jewelry? Do you care if your non yellow gold jewelry clashes? That was the deal breaker for me when I decided on EB in RH.
  14. I think Eb with SGH would be SO Cool!!
  15. I would LOVE EB with SGH:love::love::love: