To Hang Tag or not?

  1. Do we keep the Coach Hang Tag on the bags? Or do we not?

    I used to think that it was somewhat akin to not removing labels off the sleeve of a suit jacket ... but not I'm not so sure.
  2. Do you mean the price tag or the actual Coach embossed hangtag? I keep on all my Coach hangtags and keep the tags in a safe place.
  3. I never take them off.

    To me it's a part of Coach's signature look- plus I think they're cute and fun!
  4. :shrugs: It has never occurred to me to remove them. Different bags come with different hang tags, and that is part of the fun and uniqueness of each style. In fact, many people seek out replacement hang tags when theirs get lost.
  5. I never take off my hangtag. To me is apart of the look.
  6. Same as many of the others...I have not ever removed mine.
  7. I don't take my hangtags off either. I agree with the others, the hangtag is part of the Coach "look". I tried to order some replacement hangtags from Coach recently but didn't get identical hangtags unfortunately - that was pretty disappointing.
  8. They are not meant to be removed but I suppose if you really dislike it you can do whatever you want. I never take them off my bags.
  9. i dont remove them as well.
  10. I keep mines on.
  11. If you lose yours can you order another one?
  12. I take mine off and hang them somewhere on the inside, like on the keyfob ring or even on the "made in china" tag, so that I don't lose them.
  13. All my bags have the hang tag still on. I like it - like everyone else said, it's part of the look.
  14. You can call Coach and request a replacement but there is no guarantee that you will get one that matches your bag perfectly. If they don't have the exact one to match your bag they usually send one that compliments it.

    I, too, leave my hangtags on. Hangtags have always been iconic for Coach and part of the Coach tradition. I never take mine off.:nogood:
  15. good idea