to gucci girls in HK or Singapore..need your help, thx :)

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  1. hi there,

    i would like to know if the gucci boutiques in Hong Kong and Singapore still carry Gucci 153033 scarf tote in beige/cream and black from this spring/summer cruise collection?

    does anyone know? PLSSS help me! will be popping there soon! thanks a bunch:smile:

    included pics for reference..

    also, which colour do your think is nicer? anyone? thxx!:smile:
    guccitote1.jpg guccitote2.jpg
  2. I'm HK gal
    I can't find them in Gucci Main Shops
    but some gray shops are still selling them
  3. and I think the brown is nicer and more beautiful
    The colour of its scarf is great !!!
  4. The Gucci boutique on the 2nd floor of Takashimaya Singapore still had the black one, last time I visited. It may have been sold out, but I can't confirm it.
  5. hi there, thanks lots, do u know where are the gray shops that sell the authentic ones?

    also, do you know if the gucci boutiques are already carrying the beige/ebony gucci positano scarf tote with white leather trim from the latest gucci fall/winter collection? IN MEDIUM SIZE?
    i think it is the same as the beige/cream from the spring/summer collection except it has a blue scarf?

    THANKS LOTS littlelady_si!!:flowers:

    yah, the brown one is nicer right, i prefer it too!!:smile:

  6. thanks pyrexia for the tip, do u know if the beige/ebony positano tote from the latest fall/winter collection has already hit stores? does the gucci stores carry the MEDIUM SIZE ones?

    thanks for your help once again!:flowers:
  7. I dunno Gucci Boutique are still carrying the beige/ebony ones.
    I have seen on August and IN MEDIUM SIZE
    but now haven't seen in Tsim Sha Tsui and Admiralty branches
    You can first try other Gucci branches (There are 8 branches in HK including Airport)

    Landmark flaship, shop g23-g30
    the Landmark Atrium
    11 Pedder Street
    tel 852.2524.4492
    fax 852.2869.5164

    Harbour City, shop g124-125
    g7 Canton Road
    tel 852.2199.7728
    fax 852.2199.7981

    the Jumbo Sogo, shop g29
    555 Hennessy Road
    Causeway Bay
    tel 852.2893.4276
    fax 852.2834.0639

    Pacific Place, shop 368
    level 3,88 Queensway
    tel 852.2524.0412
    fax 852.2918.4495

    Times Square, shop g102
    1 Matheson Street
    Causeway Bay
    tel 852.2506.4262
    fax 852.2506.1615

    Lee Gardens Two, shop g5+104-5
    28 Yun Ping Road
    Causeway Bay
    tel 852.2576.6918
    fax 852.2576.6938

    Hong Kong International airport
    shop 6e166, east hall
    passenger terminal building
    the Lantau
    tel 852.2261.0538
    fax 852.2261.0539

    Hong Kong International airport
    shop 6w0542, west hall
    passenger terminal building
    the Lantau
    tel 852.2261.2082
    fax 852.2261.2083

    Some gray shops that you can consider are YMK, SAC Accessori, 百惠
    where they are all certified by HK government to sell authentic products and the prices of items are nearly 10% -20% lower than retail prices in main boutiques.
    And I saw the beige one in two YMK shops. Their Chinese address as follow:

    TEL +852 2613 1132

    地址 青衣青敬路33號青衣城140舖
    TEL +852 2189 7535

    But actually, it is more confident to but from Gucci boutiques, and there are so many branches in HK:
    it's easy to find an item in this year's style ^^
  8. THANKS LOTSSS littlelady_si, this info is much APPRECIATED!!!

  9. Hey,mygucciforreal
    I have asked for the Gucci 153033 scarf tote in both beige/cream and black in Landmark flaship Gucci Store in HK. They are still in stock for both large and medium size. You can go there ^^
  10. THANKS LOTSSS:lol:
  11. For comparison, I was able to acquire the bigger size (40cm) Positano tote with the red scarf in cream leather trim( I think this is the fall winter version) for 870 euro in Germany. When you get to the airport, they return the 87 euro bacl to you as a tax refund since you are a tourist. So all in all it cost 763 euro.

  12. thanks for the tip:yes: