To grunt or not to grunt- that is the question

  1. This is funny...:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    a gym with about 120 locations nationwide, is serious about maintaining a non-intimidating atmosphere for its members. In order to make their gym into the kind of place anyone can feel comfortable, they have a very strict set of rules, including rules against wearing bandanas, banging weights down on the ground, and grunting. That's right, no grunting is allowed. And they're serious about it, too. A man in New York was escorted out of a Planet Fitness gym by police after breaking that rule last week.

    "When somebody's in there and they grunt and they grunt loud, it's trying to bring attention to themselves to show everyone how strong they are," said Mike Grondahl, CEO of Planet Fitness. The offender, a 40-year-old corrections officer, said that it was an embarrassing situation to be in over a grunt.
  2. I thought the article was funny. BUt you knwo what it took long enough imho.THink of all those egotisitical meat-heads you've seen who are grunting as though it will display how strong they are to you.
  3. That is why I go to a women's gym.
  4. lol interesting way of making him stop ..couldn't they just fuss at him? :/
  5. I will now present a shocking display of my ignorance of the subject, but would not people for whom the exercises were more difficult and requiring of greater effort be those most inclined to emit these grunts?

    It would seem to me, as a lifelong non-athlete, that people who could pick up heavy things without making any sound at all would be more intimidating!
  6. OMG this thread was too funny!!

    How about also making a rule that bans Visible Panty Line (VPL) on women who choose to wear tight shorts/pants!! :smile:
  7. LOL! that is funny. I personally wouldn't find it intimidating at all. Those are the guys lifting weights that they can barely lift but a few times, because they are so heavy. I don't even pay attention to other people at the gym. I agree with you Shimmapuff..
  8. But grunting may mean they are breathing properly too, or improperly :roflmfao: That is really funny... I mean, they may just HAVE to grunt!
  9. OMG that is so funny. I hate to be working out next to a grunter. Something about it just grosses me out.:sick: I get embarassed for them. This one guy at my gym sounds like he is having sex. eewwww it makes my skin crawl just thinking about it. I wish my gym would make a no grunting rule. LOL
  10. You'd think so, wouldn't you? ;) but no, typically, grunters tend to be people who just want to draw attention to themselves and make it look as if they are pushing themselves to extreme limits. When I was a student. We had a grunter at the local gym. whatever the machine or excercise, he's add an almight grunt to the end of the rep. The fitness instructers were in stitches! Personally, I just find grunters annoying.
  11. When I read this to my DH, I told him that in all probability if he joined this gym he would be escorted out in record time. :yes: Thank goodness we have a work out room in our house. Hum- I wonder if the grunts come from the lack of me noticing " The honey, I worked out today"..;)
  12. LOL! Does anyone else find the word "grunt" itself gross?
  13. Yes, I also find "grunt" gross :smile:

    lol. At first, I thought this thread would have to do with sex :shame:
  14. I thought this thread might have to do with tennis. Recently it seems that so many players grunt every time they hit the ball -- annoying, IMO. An intimidation tactic maybe?
    There was a young woman at my gym, who happened to have GIANT breast implants and wore full makeup while working out, who used to make noises like she was having sex throughout her workout. It was kind of amusing, but annoying too.
  15. No grunting at all? That's overdoing it a tad! Yes, loud grunting is annoying. But I'm sure people will have to grunt just a little bit when they're weightlifting! (I do, and I'm not trying to impress anybody!)