To Grey or Not to Grey??? Long post...sorry!!

  1. So having promised to try and get a pic of the wonderful grey patent downtown that I saw and not finding one because the SA at YSL said they weren't sure when they would be getting more in(though I did leave my name with her to call when they were in)...WELL, I just happened to stop in yesterday and they had ONE!!! Alas, I could not buy it(no cards with me) and then figuring well it wasn't meant to be...I receive a call today telling me they were holding one for me. So my friend was in the area and stopped in...they SOLD it before I could call. Feeling horrible the SA tracked one down for me and I have the chance to get it tomorrow. After this horribly long post the question is basically should I?? I already have a downtown in navy patent and use it everyday. Should I pass on the gray patent? Does someone really need two patent totes? I do absolutely love the color. I am torn... please help!!!
  2. Destiny keeps bringing you back to this bag!
    Or would you rather have your 2nd Downtown in regular leather? If you love patent and you love the color, go for it!
  3. I prefer 2nd one leather, leather never goes out of fashion!
  4. If you just love patent and will enjoy carrying both bags even when patent cycles out again, then I'd say go for it especially since you're so drawn to the grey color. If you're hesitant about whether you can still see yourself carrying both bags down the road as the trends change, then I'd probably vote for going with a leather downtown as your second one.