To good to be true?...

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  1. What do you think is this website selling the real deal or not?
  2. moving to shopping sub :yes:
  3. Pics look good, but the prices are unbelievable, especially the Chloe paddys.
    I won't risk my money for such "deal".
  4. And they don't have online payment!
  5. They take Barcleys payments into their account so that is safe. Id buy from them especially as it has the Barclays logo and we are with Barclays. I will ask my girlfriends and see what they have to say about it. The bags look good to me and the prices are ok. Cant say they are too cheap either.
  6. The pics look good, but the prices.... I dunno, I'd think twice...
  7. I emailed the owner who maintains they are authentic, he even said he'd be happy for me to take one to a chloe dealer for it to be authenticicated and offered me a full refund if I was unhappy. The prices just seem to good to be true though. I have a baby paddy that cos £500 and I thought that was a bargin!
  8. In the future, please post all questions regarding authenticity in the Authenticate This Chloe thread! Thanks!
  9. The prices are very good, but not completely unreasonable-they're actually higher than jomashop on the fendi spy's. If you do order from them, please let us know the outcome!
  10. any update from this site?
  11. Hello,
    Fashion District used to sell authentic bags, but the original owner has sold the website. It looks to me that the new owner is buying their bags from luxury brands. And I still don't know if their bags there are authentic.
  12. Don't know, the layout is exactly the same as NAP as are the pictures.... ?????
  13. I find it suspicious that they have removed the shoulder straps from most of the Balenciaga First and City bags. I wonder if this is because the metal bales on the straps reveal that they are fake. (Balenciaga also actively discourage posting images of their bags online although some sellers seem to get away with this.)