To Gold or Not to Gold??

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  1. I love the large Carly but I don't know what color to get... I love the Angora and the Gold. But does the gold rub off on the strap and other detailing? I have heard that over time the gold will fade off of some bags. Does anyone have this bag and have this problem? What are your opinions? Angora or Gold? hmmm:confused1:
  2. I prefer gold because it blends in with the khaki but adds some 'sparkle' and special feeling to the bag. Anything metallic will punch the bag up a notch I think. And it goes with literally anything. If it helps, I have some gold calfskin flats and they aren't rubbing off with frequent use.
  3. Oooo! I'd say go for the gold! I've never heard of the color peeling, and I think any color will fade over time. Like others have said, if anything happens to your bag, Coach stands behide their products. I say go for it!
  4. i thought i wanted the gold originally...but when I saw it in was rather "blah"...not a sparkly gold like Coach usually does.

  5. Good you need a receipt if anything happens to the color fading like a year down the road?
  6. What about the new bronze? hmm
  7. What about the new bronze trim? I think it looks lovely too.
  8. LOL Ash we had the same idea :smile:
  9. this is actually the one I was referring's not really "bronze" (like the signature strip tote bronze)'s more pale gold like I mentioned
  10. I have the new bronze carly, and I love it!!! It is very pretty! It is just a little darker than the original gold, but defintely not a dark bronze color like Deweydrop said. It looks more gold to me. I would go for that one! :smile:
  11. I have the medium angora and seriously thought about selling it to get a large angora one, but I saw the bronze (gold) in the boutique and fell in love so when my ban is over (and if its available) I'll be getting a large khaki/bronze one.
  12. I say gold or bronze. It's great for the summer and during the Winter holidays...GO FOR THE GOLD! (or bronze)
  13. GOLD! I love that one! :yes:
  14. Go for the bronze (or gold) I love the combo!
  15. Lol..sounds like we are in the Olympics! Go for the gold!!! I will have to see which one I can get on eBay. I love the Angora. But I will have to see which one I will be able to get because the Angora is so rare to find. hmph..