to go with pomme...

  1. i'm eventually, at some point this year, going to get some new vernis. it has been over 2 years since i got my last piece! i decided i need a pomme lexington, but i want something to go with it, or pretty much just hold me over until i can get it :biggrin: i also looooove the perle color and think the pomme and perle just look beautiful together. should i get a cles or a ludlow? it seems as if the ludlow is still pretty reasonably priced and that i would use it more than a cles for $130 more. but the cles is still cute and nice size to fit in the lexington.

    and topic, the other thing i want really bad is now available on elux...a damier azur agenda...oh no...i'm so i dunno what i want w/ an agenda yet because i also love the regular damier and the MC...ahhhh i am SO indecisive!

    anyway...what does everyone think i should dooooo? i would love to purchase now on elux but i do love buying in the's just much more exciting to me.
  2. no one has a suggestion b/w ludlow or cles? :sad:
  3. Go with the ludlow... if you like to carry cash in your cles, it can get annoying since it gets caught in the zipper quite often. The ludlow is an actual wallet...
  4. I like the cles more
  5. I think I'd go with ludlow.
  6. i like the cles, b/c it can fit in the lexington. Can the ludlow fit? if it can it might be a tight fit? also you know about the new color that is comming out? the purpleish one? there is a lot of choices for you! i can't wait to see that color actually, it sounds really nice! good luck with your decision!

  7. i have experienced the annoying "caught cash" which is why i normally only use my MC one for change.
  8. Ludlow!
  9. yeah the measurements say it would fit...i'm pretty sure it would but i guess i'd have to try. i just don't know how often i would use the cles, even though it is really cute. and the new purplish color...are you talking about the one thats coming out in the new inclusion accessories, or the one that i posted a week ago about when an SA told me the new color would look like black cherry...kinda like CHANEL VAMP nail color. the inclusion and vernis colors probably will look very similar. i don't know how i will pull off all this LV this year, but if that color is coming out i want a roxbury in it.
  10. I like the ludlow more than the cles in pearl...I'm sure that would fit in the lexington...those are two good choices too!!

  11. hahah! yeah!! that's really annoying!!! actualy one time I had trouble opening my cles and I told her the cash was stuck, she said, you should put some wax on the zipper to give it some give....:shrugs: I haven't tried it yet...but something to try!
  12. yeah i think i am going to go with the ludlow. does everyone agree with the perle color? i think it'd rather have that in the perle rather than pomme w/ a pomme lexington to kinda break the color up a little...i just hope it doesn't get really dirty, i'll have to take good care of it.

    also, does anyone know how long it's supposed to be around? i think it's a seasonal color right? i want to be able to walk into a boutique in march and pick one up...
  13. i think the ludlow's too smal (for me) for an everyday wallet so i vote the cles, plus if you use elux go thru ****** and get the cash back!
  14. to me, a ludlow is worth the money. the cles is not.
    the ludlow will actually hold more in it, have a great resale, and is worth its money for its size. cles? eh, not so much.
  15. i figured for a hundred more it's totally worth it. especially since i only use my MC cles as a change purse. my daddy brought it home to me as a surprise a couple years ago :jammin: i think it'd use the ludlow more anyway, especially since i want a roxbury in the new dark vernis that's coming out too. yep. that's what i want.

    oh boy. time to update my list. i seriously just keep adding...this is bad.