To go or not to go to BH Hermes today...

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  1. Debating right now...should I give in and buy a belt today? I'm thinking blue jean/black right now...
  2. do it. but remember to feed the meter or park in the brighton lot and don't make the mistake of getting a $40 parking ticket to save $25 on shipping from the website.
    (yes, i'm guilty as charged :nuts:)
    have fun!!!
  3. does anyone know if the price has already gone up yet for the belts?
  4. I think they go up later this month.
  5. Like the ladies said: Just Do It! It's always better sooner then later with Hermes.
  6. ^^ What Aminamina said!! (So true!)

    Otherwise, I don't know, mochi. I think leather goods, which may include belts not just bags, have gone up as of today. Maybe you can ring them up and ask before you go.
  7. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! I hope the belts havn't gone up...:yes:
  8. #8 Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    Isn't there a sale at BH that starts tomorrow?

    I'm not sure if belts are on that list, but there'll be a lineup tomorrow for sure, according to fellow tpf'ers.
  9. A sale at BH tomorrow? Really? Hm...didn't hear of that.
  10. Just called the store, prices have NOT gone up yet! =)
  11. yes tomorrow. i was told ladies and gentlemen line up outside in the back prior to opening.... they only let a limited number of people in at a time. very exciting!

    i was also told the belts would go up today, perhaps my SA was wrong though? they haven't gone up on the website yet :sad:
  12. So I went...they didn't have my size and I came home empty handed. :sad: The SA told me the prices for belts will go up next Friday.
  13. Sorry to hear this but didn't they offer to get it in your size from a different store? :confused1: