To go brunette or not?

  1. For the last year I've been platinum blonde all over (quite a few shades lighter than the pic in my avatar). I only get my roots redone & my natural hair is halfway down my back.. no extensions. Lately I've noticed more hair comes out when brushing than it used to do. & the hairline underneath my hair is snapped.. not too much maybe 2/3 little tufts.. but I should mention I dyed my underneath black for about 2 years and had all that stripped out to go straight to platinum, so that's probably why my underneath layer is worse. I have a few snapped strands on the top.. were talking like.. 10/20 strands. Apart from that my hair is in excellent condition. My hairdresser said she's never seen bleached hair in anywhere near as good condition as mine is, especially for being as long as it. But I'm still REALLY worried that more and more hair will come out and snap etc as time goes on.

    I really LOVE being blonde and I don't really want to go brunette but at the same time I kind of want to 'save' my hair. Is it worth me going brown or shall I just stick with the colour I love untill the time comes/if the time comes that my hair gets into noticeably bad condition?

    I know none of you can make the decision for me, I'd just like to hear some of your opinions and/or experiences with bleaching. Thankyou!
  2. I think I know what you mean about your hair "snapping" underneath. My hair underneath always snags and by the end of the day, it's a big ball.

    If you're only retouching the roots each time you go in, you aren't doing any more damage to your hair, which is most likely why your hair is in such good condition. (I just wish I could stick to a color and leave it.)

    It doesn't sound like your hair is in bad "breakage" condition, it just sounds like you have a couple areas. So maybe I would go in and trim the underneath a bit and get rid of some of the snagglebits and see how that makes you feel. As far as hair falling out, there are so many different reasons (stress, hormones, thyroid problems...etc) that I wouldn't worry about it. Your hair goes through natural cycles of shedding.

    If you are only dying your roots, you aren't doing any more harm to your hair now. As far as "saving" your hair, I would suggest that if you are worrying, buy some Bumble and Bumble Deeeeep conditioner (maybe $25) and let that sit in your hair for about 30 minutes. That stuff is AMAZING and you will notice a huge difference when you wash it out. Either that, or I really like Aeto Botanica's Fortifying Oil.

    That deep conditioner saved about 5 inches of my hair when I was dying it over and over and over again.

    And one more thing, you don't have to go back brunette to "save" your hair. You aren't dying the whole thing every time, and in fact, dying the entire mass of hair brown is actually harder on it, than if you just left it alone.

    I had bleached blonde hair for a long time, and as long as you use a nice conditioner on it and don't dye your whole head repeatedly, you will be just fine. ^__^:yahoo:

    I have broken pieces too..Im brunette naturally....I freakin LOVE being blonde....
    Do this..It SAVED my HAIR...I swear by it.
    Go to Bumble and Bumble online,find nearest supplier
    BUY DAMAGE THERAPY leave in AND THE RINSE OUT CONDITIONER..USE BOTH.I swear to GOD..U will thank me...Its amazing.My salon even has the ONCE a monthe DAMAGE THERAPY SUPER DOSE(not avail for retail purchase..they GIVE it to me for free!....
    I feel like a hair model once its in.IT SAVED MY HAIR!!!!!
  4. Hats - That is a good point about only dying the roots.. I never thought of that! I suppose straightening over it every day isn't helping the rest of it either though.. but atleast I don't blowdry too just natural dry. I'm obsessed with conditioning products so that's probably another factor why my hairs still in good condition I haven't heard of those ones though so I shall give them a try, thankyou for your advice!

    Jill - Hahah I LOVE being blonde too.. I feel like it's the one thing that makes me stand out, makes people do a double take when I walk past etc. I think with brown hair I'd just look dull & boring. No offence to any girls with brown hair here because I do love brown hair on other people but I just look so blah with it. I think I'm gonna definately have to look into this Bumble and Bumble stuff.. I hope they sell it over here! That's great that your salon give it to you for free! It sounds amazing!
  5. Well then you would have to change your screen name.:upsidedown:
  6. LOL very true! omgbrunette doesn't quite have the same ring to it!
  7., Jill, I just went and ordered that Bumble and Bumble stuff. I LOVE the Deeep conditioner, so I love any excuse to get more conditioners.

    Besides, I LOVE being blonde too, and silly me, omgblonde, I did the same thing you are thinking...hmm....I'll just dye it dark and leave it alone.

    I.Can.Not.Do.It. I am meant to be a blonde, and so I've been doing everything I can possibly do to make sure my hair is in tip-top shape so I can go back blonde. (Everyone says I'm a sandy blonde now...I see brown, lol)

    So...Viva la blondes!!
  8. Don't go brown! You will only be disappointed and wind up going back to blonde and THAT will really damage your hair!! Just dye only your roots from now on and you will be fine!
  9. i'm a blondie! been brown before .. it was fun for awhile .. but i don't think i'd ever do it again! i just look better with blonde hair! .. i wouldn't do it if i were u .. and totally follow jills advice! that stuff is AMAZING!

    just take good care of your hair .. & just think. u go brunette, and hate it .. and want to go back to blonde .. then your hair would REALLY be in bad shape! .. stay blonde! haha! :biggrin:
  10. I am assuming that is you in your avatar, yes? If so, stay blonde you are a beautiful blonde! I stay brunette because of the same reason!!
  11. I loved being blonde too, although I'm Asian and it started to look silly after a while. Plus it wreaked havoc on my black hair, ha ha. Anyway, another great conditioner to try is Terax Original Crema. It's amazing as a deep conditioner or even as an everyday conditioning treatment. I discovered it as a blonde and it saved my hair.
  12. You look fabulous as a blonde! Don't go back to brunette. I always wished I could pull of the blonde locks but my skintone just doesn't help. Just take good care of the rest of your hair and I'm sure it'll stay in good condition.
  13. If u cant find the bumble and bumble...LMK..I can pick it up for u here..Im due for an appmt for a black tie event this weekend..Id be happy to send it to u....I can even buy the sample size( i buy it for travel...) if u want to sample it first!!

    PS- I use a hair starightener EVERYDAY too...LOL.....this stuff truly saved my hair!The once a month dose is so amazing...I get so excited when i can use it..its INSTANT fabulous results!
  14. Well it's official.. I'm staying blonde! Just going to make sure I do lots of conditioning treatments to maintain the condition!

    Thanks for all your opinions girls! & Thankyou for the offer Jill but I found it on the site where I buy all my hair products.. can't wait to try them out now!