To Go Bold or Not to Go Bold? Mazarine MM / Montaigne MM in CERISE?!!

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  1. Good morning ladies! It's been awhile since I've been active on the Forum so this is pretty exciting. Hope all is well.

    Anyways, my parents are flying to Paris this upcoming week and have asked me if there is anything I would like to get.

    In my ideal world, my next purchase would have been an Empreinte Artsy in an oxblood red shade (as love my Monogram Artsy dearly). However, since the Artsy isn't available in any shades of red I need to look for alternatives.

    Discovered the color "Cerise" and although it is bright, it seems to be a nice shade of red. Unfortunately, the Artsy is not available in Cerise so I have to find alternatives.

    Mazarine MM: I've never seen this bag in person before, but it reminds me of the Palermo PM which I loved and regret selling till this day. The magnetic closure seems like a good alternative for someone who doesn't zip up her bag (like myself). Looking at the reviews, the only downside to the bag seems to be the longer strap which seems to be longer than my liking (I like my bags to sit quite high as it makes it less casual).

    Montaigne MM: Wasn't a fan of the monogram version (feels too flimsy to me). The Montaigne in Empreinte, however, seems more sturdy in pictures (hopefully that is true). I love the length of the shoulder strap and the zip compartment in the middle. The downside is that it is 400 euros more expensive than the Mazarine MM.

    I forgot to mention that I am 5'9 and usually wear a size 6/8 :smile:

    I wear a lot of neutrals (plain black, greys, white tops with either jeans or leggings ) so I thought red would be a nice pop of color. The safe side of me, however, is telling me to stick with neutral and get myself an Empreinte Artsy in Taupe/Noir. I haven't seen the Taupe before so I have no idea how it looks in person.

    Any thoughts would be highly appreciated. Thank you ladies! :smile:
  2. I vote for the Montaigne cerise. I have the Montaigne mm in iris and the Montaigne bb in noir and best purchases ever for me. Beautiful, sturdy bags that hold their shape and with great organization. Worth it for me.
  3. Can you try these bags in person before your parents leave? The Cerise is a gorgeous bright red.
  4. tough choices since all three are beautiful in Empreinte. if i can only have one, my votes goes to the Montaigne MM. I brought the mono version and loved it. It was super comfortable to carry on the shoulder and the compartment made it easy to organize my things. I'm selling it to fund the empreinte version.

  5. We have two boutiques here in Seattle so I could do that. However, I have not purchased anything from neither stores before so going in by myself does seem a little intimidating. Got to build up some courage! lol :smile:

  6. Thank you ladies! Two votes on going bold :biggrin:

    Anyways, I was just browsing the LV site and ran across the Lock Me ii in a gorgeous Rubis color. Any thoughts on that bag at all? :smile:
  7. Montaigne MM in Cerise gets my vote! Good luck deciding.
  8. Don't give that a second thought! Go and try. These bags are expensive. You have to be sure!
  9. +1 @ 200%

    I surprised myself a few times after seeing something in person. I was sure it was what I wanted. You definitely want to be sure!

  10. So I vote for the Montaigne also. I like the Mezzarine, but that strap should've been made adjustable! You had mentioned the taupe color also and on the Montaigne is gorgeous!!!!! Look back through the clubhouse pages and there's some pics. Cerise is a gorgeous red, but for myself it's a shade I'd grow a little tired of later. As for the Lockme II in this color, but like the Lockme II BB in rubius more. I like the flap size on the BB better. But that red is a red I would love for a long time. I've seen it a few times now in a boutique and its just stunning!!! I know the Lockme II BB doesn't have feet, but I'm not sure about the bigger Lockme II. You'll save quite a bit with the bag being bought over there so I think I'd get the Montaigne personally. But the best thing to do is for sure go and try them on. It's just a must. Walk in head held high with a smile and just say what you're interested in looking at and have fun[emoji4] Can't wait to see your reveal!!
  11. Montaigne. Have one in taupe. Roomy, empreinte is gorgeous, and the strap is super comfortable. One in cerise should be fabulous !!
  12. Montaigne or Lockme :smile: I agree with those who suggested that you try then in the boutique. It'll help you make up your mind about the style and colour.

  13. Thank you for the encouragement ladies!

    Built up some courage and decided to visit the closest boutique earlier. The SA along with the store manager were very helpful, informative and truly understanding.

    After seeing all three bags (unfortunately neither Cerise or Taupe were in stock), the Mazarine was the first bag I eliminate. The magnetic closure was something I couldn't get used to.

    It was between the Lockme ii and the Montaigne. The Lockme ii, although gorgeous, has a short handle which is too long for my liking. The flat handle isn't my preference as well.

    The Montaigne, on the other hand, surprises me in a positive way. I didn't think I would like it (considering that I didn't like the monogram version), but the Empreinte version won me over. I forgot to try on the GM size, but the SA and I think that the MM size would be just enough (it is around the same size as my Brea MM) so size shouldn't be an issue.

    As far as color goes, I did get to see the cles in Cerise (nothing in Taupe unfortunately). Although it was a lovely shade of red, I think it is too bold for my closet. With that in mind, I think Taupe would be my color choice (if we are able to find one of course, there is only 4 left in the system in the U.S!)

    Thank you so much for your help ladies. I truly appreciate it :smile:

  14. Is that poppy? It looks great on you!

    Taupe is a seasonal colour. You might want to have a second-choice colour in case your parents don't find a Montaigne in taupe.
  15. Absolutely fabulous! Gorgeous color, so complimentary on you! ❤️ You will not be disappointed. !
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