To GH or to not GH?


Which do you think looks better on the Aqua Work?

  1. RH

  2. GH

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  1. I just got my Aqua Work RH and the color is gorgeous. Do I keep it or trade it for the same bag but with GH? I'm so confused lately.........why did Bal have to go and throw in the GH to make things more complicated? What do you think? Does this color stand on it's own or do you think it looks better with the GH? Here's some pics to help you..........


  2. GH without a doubt. I saw a GH aqua in city and hobo today and I can't believe I put them back. They are absolutely STUNNING!

    How many GH bags do you have right now though?
  3. I voted for RH without viewing the photos. Now having seen your photo's, the GH makes the bbag more vibrant. Having doubts about my decision :confused1:
  4. Well, I've got the Cafe' PT GH, a VG City GH & FB PT GH on the way. But the FB could be subject to change if I switched this one. I have a couple bags with RH.
  5. I'm a fan of the GH, love the extra pizzaz
  6. GH...makes that beautiful blue even more eye catching!
  7. I too voted for RH and then looked at the pictures and the GH is so pretty. It really does make the color pop. But I'm such a nerd about hardware color, I can barely deal with the gold zippers on my LV. I'm a RH girl but I admire everyone who has the GH. I think it looks so great.
  8. With the RH the bag is beautiful with the GH it becomes AMAZING. It elevates the bag to a different level.
  9. GH - it's gorgeous on the aqua!
  10. GH GH GH!!!! I tried on an aqua GH City and was in heaven! I think that this color is perfectly suited for GH. The warmth of the gold really offsets the coolness of the blue and together, the whole effect is glam without being flashy or overdone.
  11. I voted RH because today I am anti-GH. Yesterday I was pro. Tomorrow - who knows? ;)
  12. Well-said! :jammin:
  13. GH!! I lovvvee GH. :smile:
  14. I love the look of the GH, but I don't think I will ever own one because it ruins one of the greatest aspects of Balenciaga bags - its lightness. I think the aqua looks pretty enough on its own with the rh and it will save you a few extra trips to the chiropractor.
  15. I voted RH. While I think that the gold adds a splash of color to the aqua, I just don't love that much gold all in one place. All of my jewelry is silver and titanium, so the GH is just a personal preference.