To get or not to get?

  1. This shape of this Kate Spade Bexley bag really caught my eye . . . but I'm not too crazy about the gold pyramid (which is made from 14 karat gold!). What do you guys think?

  2. I really like it! Simple but not dull.
  3. Hmm... my honest opinion? I don't like it. It's just too plain for me and the color might get dirty fast. Any other bag options?
  4. Its cute, havent seen a Kate Spade like that yet :biggrin:
  5. The strap makes it unique. i like it.
  6. I love Kate the classic shapes and simplicity...SOOOO I love the bag! I didn't know that was 14k.. that is really NEATO:lol:
  7. well its simple and clean cut, im not to sure about the color thou !
  8. i really like it! where is it being sold?
  9. I haven't seen that particular bag yet. I have a KS Bexley tote and clutch from last summer.
  10. That's one of the few kate spade lines that I really like. I think the gold pyramid makes the bag more distinctive, especially on some of the other Bexley styles.
  11. Thumbs Up!
  12. I like it! Is that gold-plated or solid?
  13. I love the strap part. It's what makes it unique. I don't mind the gold pyramid either. Love the bag. Not too simple like some KS's. Looks classic and practical for spring/summer.
  14. I like it. The color is very nice for summer!
  15. I don't really like the shape or the color ... sorry.