To get Alma BB + new epi pochette OR Chanel pochette?


Apr 22, 2012
Well, I went to the store yesterday to check out the new epi pochette and I must say it looks rather boring to me. But I've been wanting something like that for a long time. The SA also took out the Alma BB in the same colour (fuchsia) and it looks too cute. But the epi Alma BB is rather stiff and I find getting things in and out of it a hassle. So I said I'd grab a coffee to mull over the purchase. Then my hubby and I walked into Chanel and saw the most adorable, classy looking "pochette" from the cruise collection! The small lil' thing costs more than both the Alma BB and epi pochette! But it make my heart pace so much! I didn't feel *it" when I looked at both LV pieces. The Chanel piece made me skip a beat.

Dilemma now is, to get something that I really like (but will not get a lot of use for except for dinner) OR get two things that I used to love and like now and will use much more?

The Chanel SA told me the "pochette" is part of the seasonal cruise collection for Fall 2012 and it is really rare to have Chanel "pochettes" that have adjustable chain straps. I can wear it 3 ways and they all look cute!!! I can't find a picture from the official website and have no name to it.

What do you LV-overs think? This will be my first Chanel purchase..


Jul 14, 2012
It sound like you really want the Chanel, that it makes your heart skip a beat and the LV you weren't really feeling it...I'm not a huge fan of the epi line but I do have an alma bb..If the Chanel is a rare piece get it now and maybe alma bb later, they will be around for awhile.....
Jan 10, 2011
Chanel! You said it made your heart skip a beat. I would love to see a pic of it, you have me interested. I've never heard or seen what you are describing but I like it lol. I have a Chanel WOC and I love it. Definitely worth the money in my opinion and it sounds like you really love it. I bought the BB and returned it. Just like you I liked the idea of it but I wasn't sold. I just got the pochette today and i think it will be my new favorite piece. It sounds like youre definitely in the market for a smaller bag. Have you considered the eva? It can be worn many ways as well, but is definitely more casual. Good luck deciding!