To get a CB, or not get a CB?

  1. Back when Cherry Blossom was happening, I wasn't even interested in LV. Now that I am, I have the feeling I've kind of missed out, and am thinking I'd like to track down a CB bag. But there are a couple of issues:

    1. At 5'0" and around 100lbs, I get the impression the Retro might be a bit too big for me and that I'd probably be better off sizewise with a Papillon ... but ... I've been 39 for quite a few years now and am thinking that, being more formal, the Retro is probably the better style for mature women.

    2. And on that score, I'm also thinking maybe CB is just too young and girlie altogether for someone my age.

    So what do ya reckon? Is the Retro too big for small women? Is the Pap too young for mature women? Is the CB design itself too young for mature women? Your opinions, please!



  2. i think age has nothing to do with what suits or not - it is more about one's personality and style. is the Cherry Blossom pattern "you"? do you feel young and girlie? can you see yourself carrying it like its a part of you and not feel totally self-conscious about it? if its a yes in all counts then go for it! i personally think the Retro is a bit more of a sophisticated shape and its really not that huge. good luck!
  3. Hi pinkcupcake I agree with deluxeduck if you feel it fits your purse-onality it doesn't really matter what others think. ;)
    I also missed out when this line first made it's apperance( I had just had my son) and so I decided that my first LV bag needed to be the CB retro!( I tracked one down last Oct) especially since it came out when my son was born.
    I am also 5 ft tall and will be 40 next April but I still love BOWS and always will and I don't care if other people hate bows on bags it just fits my purse-onality and will always have some sort of bow on whatever bag I carry even if it means adding a bandeau or ribbon.
    I say go for it !!! and it really is not a large or overwheming bag at all have you seen it IRL or only pictures?? Well let us know what you decide
  4. If you think CB is too young and girly, I don't think CB is for you. You should really like/love a bag instead of buying it just because you think you "missed out". I think I missed out on the Cerises too, but it's not really me and I don't love the series so I have never considered buying a piece from that line.
  5. Myself, I don't think that the Retro is a more "mature" shape than the Pap.
    What color combo?

    I have a pink/pink Pap, and it's my daily purse. I'm in my 30's, too.
    I love it... I can't really even think of an LV that I would rather have.
    My friends/family think that the CBs are scary, but they also think the bag totally suits me.

    I don't tote it around at formal galas or anything, but I feel great carrying it around, from day to day. It's one of those bags that just makes me happy to look at, for some crazy reason.

    But if you're going to feel silly, and only really want it because you missed its release, I say don't get it.

    As an aside, I don't think I have ever seen anyone carrying a Retro...
  6. I think CB Retro is one of the prettiest bags LV ever made... I personally prefer it over the papillon. It's not at all a large bag, more of a medium size. I say go for it!! :tup:
  7. if you are planning to get a cb, i saw two at our local consignment store for about $700 each...they were the papillon styles
  8. ooh, were any of them the red/creme combo?? :graucho:
  9. I personally love the CB line and would go for it! I've been dying for a red/creme Papillon and Pochette since I saw they had that combo!
  10. im 5 1 at 110 lbs and i love the size of the pap. its not the best bag for getting in and out of, but it looks fantastic.
  11. that's a great bag ... if you like it then get it ... all that matters is that you love it and you're happy!
  12. If you love the CB line, go for it. It all depends on whether it fits into your style.
  13. if the retro is too big for you, then i think you might love a papillon!
    there is a GORGEOUS one on let-trade for about 900
  14. Thank you all for your thoughts ... you've given me plenty to think about. I really do love the CB pattern, love the cute little faces - I read somewhere on TPF that some people think they're creepy - personally I find myself smiling back at them! I've bought a PTI wallet from a My Poupette seller, never used. (!!!) It's in the cream and red, which I prefer to the other colors, and that's what started me thinking of getting a bag as well.

    I just don't want to end up looking like "granny goes cutsie," which is probably all too likely in another ten years or so, that's the main concern. Also the size and on that score I think I will have to find one and test drive it first.

    Pixiefrog, thanks for the advice that you're my size and the size of the bag isn't a problem ... what started me thinking it might be was a photo in the Celebrities thread of P.Hilton carrying one and it looks like a big-ish bag on her.

    Actually, am I just imagining it, or does it look as though the bag isn't properly done up, kind of hanging half open? That would make it look bigger than it is.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the views. I guess I'll keep right on thinking about it!
  15. ^^ The bag is not snapped and is hanging open.

    I am 5'2" and I have both the retro and the papillon. I love them both!