to gamble or to decide

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  1. dear all

    i asked my friend in who stayed in Ireland to buy me chanel bag, when she will be back home on 9th Dec for Christmas and rightfully will bring my bag home together with her.

    Unfortunetly in my name is still on waiting list for jumbo caviar blck shw in Ireland. She told me at Heathrow do have the bag tht I want in stock, but the SA cant book the bag, base on first come first serve. But if I get the bag in Ireland boutique it will be gamble because not sure if the VAT office is open. But Heathrow price is much more cheaper compare to Ireland.

    Wht should I do?

    1. shld I ask her to buy at Heathrow airport and subject to "if" the bag is available, if not available she will be back empty hand

    2. shld I ask her to buy at Heathrow, if the bag is not available just grab any jumbo bag example : reissue, chevron, other than black color tht available at tht time:smash: as i really want somethg in FLAP

    3. shld i ask her to buy at Ireland, and gamble if the VAT office open or not during her departure. if the office is closed then the price will be 200-300pound different, and this subject to waiting list as well... my name is no 3.. its been 3 months already :faint:

    HELP ME PLSSSSS.........
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    I needed to edit the post cuz I didn't answer your question at all...
    I think Chanel do ship within EU so maybe Ireland SA can get one from Heathrow?
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    Anything but #2....Never, Ever buy any bag just because it is will something you like and would cherish.
  4. ohh really... why they put me in wiating list for so long... :wtf:
  5. not sure how it works in Ireland, but in london, even if you put your name down,that doesn't mean they'll call you when they have the bag available. You need to keep calling them and check, sometimes if they have stock, they'll just sell it to people. at least, that's what I've been experienced.