To fur or not to fur?!

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  1. How many of you would have or do have a bag with real animal fur? such as rabbit....

    We have all heard the 'you wear leather' argument! personally fur is not for me...

    What about everyone else?
  2. i don't have a fur bag, but i would buy one as long as the animal isn't endangered. haha.
  3. I will wear fur, whether its an entire jacket or trim on a bag. I like the way it looks and feels. I am not about to go buy a coat made out of some endangered animal, but rabbit? Mink? Youbetcha.
  4. I don't have a bag with fur. But I am no opposed to carrying one. One thing that has struck my fancy although I will have to see it IRL is the LV bag with sheerling (well, I guess that is not exactly fut), that is coming out. The only problem I have with fur is that it puts thing out of my budget.:shrugs:
  5. I personally dont care whether something has fur or not, but usually I don't like bags with furs because of the fluffy look. The closest to fur I've like on a bag is the Luois Vuitton Shearling bags.
  6. ...and if the fur used has a strange name, "Asian wolf," "mountain cat", etc etc... it is cat or dog fur. HUGELY turns me off.

    Here is a link to a wonderful article about the pet fur trade (in Europe): ABC News

    The following link is much better (though from a more militant anti-fur website), it names stores and designer brands that have been caught selling fashion items with pet fur included in them: Fur-Free

    A great quote from the article IMHO is oh so true -

    "Americans don't want Lassie turned into a fur coat. Unfortunately, that's happening today because consumers lack the right information to make an informed purchase," said Rep. Jim Moran. "In the U.S., we treat cats and dogs as pets, not trimmings for the latest fashion wear. Our laws should be reflective of the special status Americans bestow on their companion animals, not contradictive."

    Become INFORMED! :biggrin:
  7. I am completely against fur. I have a jacket with a faux fur lining on the hood, but that's about it. Yeah it feels nice and all, but I don't agree with it. Yeah, I wear leather, partly because sometimes there isn't an alternative.
  8. Sorry, but I don't think it's any better to kill a cow than a lassie. Sure, that one lassie who is Ms brown's pet, it would be a shame to kill, because it holds sentimental value to ms brown, just like a cow in India is holy and sholdn't be touched. A lot of animals can be farmed and as long as it's done humanely I dont' see why farming dogs is worse than cows.
  9. i don't have a fur bag
  10. no way.. fur creeps me out.
  11. Fur is soooo wrong!!!! I always think it still smells like the former owner.
  12. Agreed. I don't have any fur bags. I like how some(a few) look, but it's much easier to clean a leather bag. I doubt I would ever buy one.
  13. I don't buy anything made out of real fur. Anytime I see something made from, say real rabbit fur for example, I think of the poor cute little bunny it was made from. :sad:
  14. I just can't bring myself to touch fur. When my grandma insisted that I try on her new mink coat that she got for a great bargain, I had to try it on for her sake, so I did, and thank god for the silk lining or else I would have thrown it off and probably hit her by accident in the process. I tried hard not to touch the fur while I was wearing it, which surprisingly wasn't that hard to do since the arms were a bit big.

    Fur is just wrong. Who cares if the animal was alive or dead? Torturing something for us humans to have a "luxury" is just wrong.
  15. oh hell no.