To flap or not to flap....

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  1. I am a person that likes to carry a fair amount of things with me, the reason behind my love of a bigger bag. I purchased a GST and love it! I also purchased a WOC for times when a large bag is impractical. Reading the forum I keep thinking I need a flap bag...Classic or Boy to really complete my collection. My question is how much can you really put into say a medium Boy Bag vs the large? Do I really need the flap bag (I think I do!)?
  2. Check out the what is in your bag thread

    If you carry a lot, flap isn't that convenient tho

    Here is what I can fit into my new medium boy

    A flat wallet, small cosmetic pouch and iphone with some room to spare

    But that is it

  3. None of the flap bags hold that much; they're narrow and structured by design. A medium Boy will hold essentials, but not the water bottle/notepad/extra shoes a lot of us like to carry around :P
  4. To me, the answer to 'to flap or not to flap' will always be 'to flap' Haha. It's just gorgeous and I'm sure you'll find a use for it somehow! I'd definitely check out the other threads and clubs, I've found them very beneficial when contemplating my purchases. I think all have different purposes :smile: but I'll probably have to downsize what I carry a bit for any of the bags in any sizes lol
  5. Agree the flap bags don't fit much but they are so beautiful that they make you want to consolidate what you carry. For me, I like the jumbo because it fits just enough for most days.
  6. It made me consolidate my "stuff". I didn't think it was possible for me to downsize my daily essentials without thinking I'm always leaving something behind that I'll need.

    I'm so glad I did down size. I've embraced I'm a purse Packrat and my shoulder thanks me. :smile:
  7. To this question over and over again... YES to the flap!!! For ladies like me, the jumbo space is more than enough I only carry what I am using at the moment but no matter what, IMHO, I agree with some of the other ladies that had said that even when you can carry a tons of stuff, you will always be happy with a flap. Don't forget flaps are not meant to be as functional as totes, but you can never go wrong with one😉. GL deciding and only buy what makes you happy😊!
  8. Thank you all for your input......I think I am going to have to flap!ha! The flap bags are way too beautiful not to include in my collection. The next hurdle is classic or Boy... If I want a classic I need to figure out how to get my hands on one ...I live in a state that does not have a boutique or a department store that carries Chanel., and the Chanel policies do not allow shipping! I guess I will persuade my hubby to vacation where there is a lot of Chanel!
  9. Flap bags are not so roomy but they are a must!! I'm sure you'll need it on one fine day :smile:

    Oh and if you're choosing either classic or boy then you have to try them on!! I first planned to get a classic but then after I tried on my boy I knew I'd have to get it lol :biggrin:

    Choose the one that fits your style!! Good luck!!
  10. Yes to the flap - go for a jumbo, single flap (preloved) and you can fit in a bit more than the double flap... and its lighter!!
  11. Yes every girl needs a Chanel flap. Yes it doesn't hold a lot but there are times when you need an elegant look and a Chanel flap does classic elegance better than any other bag.

    Look in the What's in your bag thread to get lots of space saving ideas.
  12. To flap for sure! It's so beautiful...I've happily scale down my makeup to make everything fit into my flap. :smile:
  13. I absolutely love my jumbo double flap. Yes, I had to scale down what I carry but it is worth it. The flap is timeless and never goes out of style.
  14. My state has no Chanel, but I've had both NM and Saks ship to me. I think dept other stores will too.
  15. Another vote for "to flap" lol. I also carry loads of stuff usually, but a Chanel flap is still a must-have