To fight or not to fight...

  1. I bought a popincourt off eBay for what i thought was a really good deal ($330) since the seller described it as in really good condition and that it "could pass as a new bag". Well, I received it today and the vachetta on it is darkened (which i was expecting), but there were water (?) stains all over it. The edges of the bag were also scuffed. There is no way anyone in their right mind would describe this bag as new. The only thing that was in really good condition was the inside - there were no stains or anything. I emailed the seller to ask to make a return because it wasn't as described, but he declined saying that in his auction he had said no returns except for authenticity issues. :cursing:

    Should I fight it through eBay and paypal? :boxing: Or should i just take the loss and try to resell it on eBay? I don't know if anyone would want to buy it... i don't think the popincourt is that popular of a bag anymore so i don't know how it would sell. :shrugs: This happened to me once on a MC cles, but I managed to resell it for a profit. :tup:
  2. Definitely fight for it!!! The seller shouldn't act this way, especially since the description wasn't as described. Good luck.
  3. I would fight it and I'm sure with photos, on your end, you can definitely get your money back if the item is not as described.
  4. I would file a SNAD w./paypal .. she will have to take it back if you win
  5. Definitely fight! This bag is "significantly not as described" so you deserve a full refund. I't happened to me a few times where I have received severely damaged Hermes scarves that were described as "mint" and I've had to demand a full refund from the sellers despite their auctions stating "all sales final". Buyers remorse, of course, is another issue entirely. Since your seller refuses to cooperate, open a dispute immediately with Paypal, Ebay and your credit card company if you used a credit card...which I certainly hope you did. It's too bad sellers like this make Ebay so dicey since there are so many terrific sellers out there.
  6. Unfortunately a lot of people have a blurred understanding of what the term "like new" means. I've received some very scary "like new" bags.. I'd take detailed pictures (with the date stamp) and fight this all the way! Good luck to you!
  7. Thanks everyone! I emailed the seller and this is what he wrote back:

    "I'm sorry to hear that, hope you understand used (pre-owned)
    handbags or purses MUST have a little or some signs of wear &
    tear on it, this one is already in its minimal, I clearly stated on
    the auction there would be no returns UNLESS the bag proved to
    be a fake, I'm really sorry, hope you could still make use of it,"

    It's frustrating because this bag doesn't have LITTLE signs of wear, it is pretty dirty with some significant scuffs on the corners. One of the corners looks like it's going to split. :sad:
  8. I would totally fight it. Don't deal with the seller anymore. File a SNAD with PayPal and let them decide. The seller may change his tune after you file the dispute. If he doesn't, escalate it to to claim.
  9. If I'm not mistaken the action I think I was watching this one and "the reserve was not met" with $330? And in the questions board he did mention on his opinion it can pass as new, so the best best is taking pictures of the damages as soon as possible so you can use them in your claim.
  10. Please feel free to re-post in English. Thanks !
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  12. I would fight and file a SNAD against this seller. Especially when you say that one of the corners looks as though it will split! Good luck!
  13. Thanks for everyone's replies! I will def. submit a claim to paypal and ebay.

    Geniepr - The reserve wasn't met, but i received a second offer from the seller. I was going to ask the seller for more pictures, but since he described it as "like new", I figured it would be okay! :sad:

  14. The seller's description of "like new" and "could pass as a new bag" in no way matches the description you posted of the bag you received. Sooooooo, that means "significantly not as described" period no matter what he says now. Don't be bullied. :boxing:
  15. Different people have different perspectives on things - one person's "good" might be another person's "fair" but there is no way an item should be described "could pass for new" if it has water stains and scuffed edges. Sheesh. Good luck with your dispute.