To exchange or not to exchange?!

  1. Ok, I know you're all going to think I am nuts! But I need your opinions. As some of you know I've been drooling over a Zucca Spy since before I joined tPF and I finally got it! :yahoo:

    BUT, now I'm reconsidering! :s I was looking at the Fendi bags on Jomashop (where I got my spy) and decided that I don't (think) want the Zucca spy. But, I want 2 other bags they have!

    I feel I'd get more use out of the black spy Fendi 8BR511 Womens Spy Bag and since I love the Zucca print so much I can also get this bag...Fendi 8BR551 Zucca-Print Womens Shoulder Bag

    So, basically at this point, it's not possible for me to have all 3 bags. While I love the zucca spy sooooooo much. I think I'd get more use out of the black spy and the zucca buckle bag.

    What do you all think?! All opinions welcome!! HELP! :shrugs:

  2. I love the Zucca Spy, actually have been looking for a used one! The black is great also the shoulder bag will they exchange your Zucca Spy?
  3. Hi Roz, yea Jomashop has a 30 day money back return policy with NO restocking fee! They have pretty good deals! I just don't know what to do though! :s

    -Noha =)
  4. You must get what bag you would most love to have. You always know in your heart if thats the bag for you, if its not send it back and get another.

    I saw the Zucca today again in London and I so love this bag love the handles on it and also has very bubble nappa leather. Why I do not get one I do not know as Jomashop have such a good deal.
  5. I think the black one is devine. I would swop for that one :smile:
  6. I think that black spy is a real classic.
  7. I prefer the black spy over the zucca b-bag. But that said, I prefer the zucca spy over the black spy. Though I certainly wasn't a zucca fan initially because of that monogram print. All in all though, I agree that you need to figure out which bag works the best for you.
  8. i like both spys. i use them everyday.
  9. Do you have the Zucca with the leather or the all Zucca print with the tortoiseshell handles?
  10. I would get two spys - the zucca and the black, and skip the zucca shoulder bag.
  11. I like it.
  12. Here's a pic!

  13. That bag is stuunning, I much prefer it to the B bag, keep it & get the black. This is much nicer than the B bag IMHO
  14. I would keep the one I love most. Even though I may not use it as often as the others but it's just pure heaven looking at it.
  15. Ultimately, it's your decision. IMO, the zucca with its neutral colors, is just as versatile as the black. That's not to say I don't like the black. The black spy was the first one I got! The zucca was the 2nd, and I LOVE 'em both. But, if you think you'd get more use ouf of the black, by all means, send your zucca back n' get the black. I also like the zucca print shoulder bag. I think it'll be more practical since you should have no problem gettin' it comfortably on your shoulder, even with a coat on. Personally, my fav of the three bags is the zucca spy.