To exchange or not to exchange, that's the question

  1. ok, how bout this ?, just bought the vernis pomme koala wallet, love it, but saw on eLuxury that they have a Monogram Vernis Porte-Tresor International (Pomme) with Ten Slots for $100 less. do i order it and return my koala or keep koala. thanks
  2. do u prefer the size of koala vs pti's long shape? if this is the only wallet u'll be getting than i say go for whichever u like best, but if u have more wallets than maybe save the $100 if u do not have any pti yet :smile:.
  3. I personally think the PTI is more practical- plus you don't have to worry about scratching the front hardware like on the koala.
  4. I vote for PTI!!!
  5. I like the look of PTI better in Pomme. You can also consider the Pochette Wallet in Pomme, it has slots for 10 cc, same size, costs and exterior looks the same as the PTI. Good luck with your decision.
  6. i think the pti is more practical. however, if you like the look of the koala, then keep it. :smile:
  7. I would do the PTI, then use the $ on a bandeau. The wallet holds more! Same color. more options :smile:
  8. Another PTI vote here!

    Or perhaps with the leftover money, invest in a Mono, Damier, or Damier Azur Cles?
  9. I would say the pti, better price and more room. As long as it fits your bag :smile:
  10. I would sat PTI.
  11. I prefer the Koala. I love the clasp and the ID window
  12. I prefer the PTI also, I have the mono koala and hardly use it. It gets too thick, then the zippered coin compartment is useless because I can't open it, and does not hold as much as the PTI.
  13. So I purchased the Koala wallet in Vernis Pomme and yep, it's not gonna work. I am going to go with a bigger wallet (my first bigger wallet in over 10 years), but of course, most places are sold out of the Pochette and Porte Tresor International wallet in Pomme. Suggestions/wait it out? thanks
  14. my friend has the PTI, she doesn't use anything else.. i'm thinking of getting one.. i suggest you wait for it.. its so worth it
  15. Id wait until i could get the PTI in pomme. so gorgeous.