To everyone who puts key chains on their bag...

  1. I want to do that to mine, have for a while now! Just have yet to buy one lol.

    any ways, I was looking at my keepall 50 with strap and where you attach the strap, the brass is wearing off (like the color)

    question and there is where all of you come in... does it do that to your bags? will the key chain do it?

    I would like to have one on my Ivan but it has silver hardware and idk if Gold on silver will look okay, or put on my new bag which has gold hardware... (havnt got it yet ;)

    I would die if it did it to my ivan or any of my bags really unless I could prevent it, (like my keepall, I cant really)
  2. Here is a pic of the hardware
  3. My Alma was doing that even before I started hanging things on my bag. I think it's inevitable with the gold LV hardware no matter what you do. :sad:
  4. Matt, I think the silver on the Ivan is like actual titanium, or some sort of metal, it isnt coated like the brass as far as I know. Gold keychain on silver hardware will look a but wierd IMO, but there are a few silver keychains available (just depends on what u like right?), and yes the brass that is plated on the keychain will chip/come off, as will the brass on the bag if you hang off a keychain, but it doesnt bug me, it's just the nature of these things. :yes:
  5. Pretty much what rishin wrote. It will stain like any other hardware golden brass.
  6. Buy Miroir Inventeur Plate keychain for your Ivan!!!!It has silver hardware so it will look very good on Ivan!!! There is more keychain with silver hardware: black nomade Fortune, geometrique V in red and blue (ss06), discoball....

    As for changing colour of your hardware. I have same issue with ring of damier cles which I use very often, lol
  7. I love the silver styles that are out BUT I dont want it to mess up the hardware on my bags if it can be prevented (like NOT putting on a key chain as to NOT having a choice with the strap on mykeepall, even tho it comes off but I wont take it off)
  8. Pretty much the same here. The brass hardward does eventually erode and become spotty. If you hang anything that is metal to metal will eventually ding and chip each other causing the discoloration. Really unavoidable.
  9. Yeah it will eventually discolor..that's why when I put one on, I take it off when I'm done with my bag for the day.
  10. ^ good idea.
  11. I would only put gold with gold and silver with silver. I'm a matchy match type of person.
  12. Haven't seen any probs so far, and keep some charm/key chain/ cles attached to various bags all the time, but as others have said, it will prob happen eventually.
    I second Moko's idea!:yes:
  13. My BH which is less that a year old (but is the bag I carry almost exclusively right now) has hardware that is chipping like crazy and I don't really hang anything on the hardware. I guess if you bang the bag around (which I do) it will chip.
  14. my Manhattan PM.....started to chip on the 2nd or 3rd month!!!! and it was BEFORE i started hanging stuff...! i try not to let it bother me....but Grrrrh!
  15. Hehe...I generally am, but I'm actually considering getting the gold disco ball keychain to put on my silver Miroir Speedy because I've had the silver disco ball on my gold one :lol: