to everyone who has a mini lin speedy..if you can help =)

  1. good afternoon everyone =) i just had a quick question for all those who have the mini lin speedy in black...when you buy it, does it come with a "tag" on it with the [FONT=arial,sans-serif]style number and barcode. And also, when you purchase an authentic Louis Vuitton mini lin, does a booklet come with it??

    im buying this through a friend of a friend, so i just wanted to make sure the information she is telling me is true. i was just iffy cause she was saying that ALL authentic LV purses come with a booklet...but all the ones Ive ever bought such as the azur or mono NEVER came with any book, and they were all from the store.

    if you guys can help me out that would be supppper!!

    thanks guys!
  2. i just asked her to take some photos of the "tag and booklet" for me so well see how it goes =)
  3. i believe the mini lin collection does come with a booklet. i have a mini lin croisette and it came with one, as far as the tag and barcode, some come with one some don't. i've purchased several items from the store that came with the barcode and item # but i've also purchased some that did not come with one.

    azur, damier and mono does not come with one. but mini lin, mc, vernis does. its a care booklet.
  4. Yes the care booklet comes with the mini lin. The care booklet only comes with bags from lines that aren't made of canvas. I have both the little tags as well.
  5. thanks guys =) i was getting worried when she said "Tags" and i was picturing all those fake ones with the ugly tags!! but when said that a book comes with it, it makes me feel better! =)
  6. I didn't know they mad Mini Lin in black. Is that a discontinued color?
  7. im sorry =( i meant to put ebony instead of black