To everyone, if you got a GREAT deal on a bag

  1. on Ebay & even though you really liked it, would you sell it if you knew you could make a huge profit on it?
  2. Are you thinking about selling your Mizi?;)
  3. :angel: Just thinking....
  4. I think if you don't LOVE it, go for it! You can double your money!
  5. See, that's where I'm having the issue.. I do love it! But gosh, seeing a clearly used one with patina go for over $1400:blink: Makes me think, you know;)
  6. i would sell it ^_^

    but than again if you are in love with the mizi, like yall are inseperable ^_^....than keep it!
  7. Would you be happy purchasing a different bag and use that bag happily without regret? If the answer is a big fat yes! Only then would I sell it.
  8. sell it ... however i never seem to sell my bags ... i find it too hard
  9. DON'T SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's ONE HOT BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  10. Don't sell it just day you will regret it...
  11. Sell it if you are willing to part with it. If there's another piece you love more, you could use the $ from selling for it.
  12. wait until you find another bag that you can't do without...that's when you sell the one you have!
  13. Don't sell it. I sell bags only to buy them back a month (sometimes a couple weeks) later.
  14. If you don't love it, sell it and put it towards a bag you do love. I'd sell the Mizi as soon as possible as people are just turning to ebay after realizing that they can't get one from the boutique. But remember the amount you can sell it for will vary greatly depending on your feedback number and score.
  15. The day I won my Theda, I got an e-mail offering to buy it for $200 more than what I paid.
    So I would have turned a small profit, but I wouldn't have been able to replace the bag for $1200.

    If selling it puts you closer to a different and more expensive bag that you will LOVE, then sell. And right now, that's a hot bag. If you really like it though, I'd keep it, as buyers remorse may cause you to hunt for a new one, and what with supply and may end up paying MORE a second time around.