To Etoupe or not to Etoupe?

  1. I went to my local Hermès Boutique today to purchase a gift for someone and saw a lovely Evelyne in Etoupe. They put it in the back for me until Saturday. I've been looking for a cross-body bag for a long time now. I already have two, but both are made of Canvas (Gucci).
    I would use the Evelyne when travelling, taking walks with my dog, going on field trips with my students and so on... Should I get it?? Is it discreet enough for above mentioned occassions?? I'm a little confused right now...:confused1:
  2. DO IT!!!!!
    its a lovely bag. The evelyne in Etoupe is heavenly and I think it will be perfect for the above listed!!
  3. Definitely!

    Your title is so cute. At quick glance, I read it as "To Elope or not to Elope" :roflmfao:
  4. yes buy it etoupe ist the best color ever.
  5. Yes! Yes! Yes!
  6. This is not only the perfect bag for what you need it to do but the color is fantastic. I love Etoupe and this is coming from a woman who can't seem to buy anything but black and brown!!!! It's a color that will go with everything you wear and I mean EVERYTHING. It's very versatile.

    Here's another vote to get it!!!!
  7. I say go for it too.. Etoupe is a gorgeous color!!
  8. Do it...I LOVE Etoupe!!!
  9. Thanks, guys!! You are such a help!!!:flowers:
    Mrs.Sparkles: I don't even have someone to elope I should get the Evelyne to distract myself from being single, right?
    S'Mom: I'm only ever buying black or brown, too, but the Etoupe really caught my eye...
    I'll post Pics as soon as I'll pick it up.
  10. Yes! I love etoupe. LOVE!!!!
    Etoupe evelyne is really gorgeous. get it!
  11. YAAY, DeeLove!!!! One day I'll have a little something in Etoupe as well!
  12. I love etoupe!!! It goes with everything and the Evelyne is a definite must have:tup:!!!
  13. I'm quite fascinated by how etoupe seems to change colour with different lighting conditions. Do request to take it out into natural light to take a look if possible, it may set your mind!
  14. Hmm...I once had to make a decision whether to Etoupe or Orange H.

    I decided on Etoupe for it's understated Elegance!

    Go for Etoupe!
  15. Etoupe been calling me too :yes:...go etoupe!