To EB or Not To EB...

  1. ...that is the question!
    My EB RH City arrived today and to be honest, I was actually a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, shes a beauty! It was just a little darker IRL than I have seen in pictures here and than I imagined. I'm not sure if I should keep her. I have a feeling because shes a medium blue, she would look a little funny with jeans, and I am a VERY big jeans girl. She's also a little thinner than I imagined. Help! Keep her? Return? Exchange? :hysteric: This might be a good time to exchange and get a black city before the prices increase! But I really like her and I want color for my collection because that is what makes these bags special; black is made every season.
  2. Post pictures!!! I have been waiting for it all weekend this side of earth!!!

    The same feeling I have when I got her. It is darker IRL than in pictures but it is a good medium blue, functional too. BUT if your heart says no, then NO it is. :smooch:
  3. Can you post pics? is it in RH or GH?
  4. Empty:

    Full (closest color to real life)

    Kitty wanted to be in the picture too :p
  5. She's really gorgeous, but if you aren't 100% feeling it, then I would wait for something else that you instantly love. It sucks though when you want to love something and you just aren't as into it as you thought you would be. Good luck in your decision! What about the sky blue? I think that would look awesome with jeans.
  6. I think it is gorgeous.:nuts: Yours is really dark the way i like the EB.:tup: Give it a chance and try it for few days before you return it. :yes:
  7. It sounds like you're not totally loving this bag... Don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous, but if you're having some doubts, maybe this should go back to the store. Also, if you're really into jeans, have you thought about a bright non-blue bag? Jaune? Violet? Vermillon?

    Keep us posted!
  8. Jira--I have indeed thought about a different bright colored bag. I have a Vert D'eau city, and the green is amazing, but I wanted a blue in my collection too because its so versatile, so thats why I went with the EB. I'm really not into red bags (ON ME, but I love looking at everyone else's), the Jaune isn't really me, and I'm actually thinking about a violet or one of the new purpleish blueish fall colored bags. But then again, I'm looking once again at blue tones. BUT I LOVE THIS BAG I'm just worried it won't look good with jeans...any ideas? If any of you guys have this bag, do you have this problem? Or by looking at my pictures if you DON'T have this color, can you SEE this being a problem? If so, would YOU keep it? Or what would you do? I feel like I'm trying to talk myself out of this bag, which is why I feel I SHOULDNT return it. But I also feel like I'm trying to talk myself INTO this bag (ex. the jeans thing) which is why I feel like I maybe SHOULD return her. Ideas?
  9. i think it is beautiful. But I love love EB
  10. I think Bbags look good with anything. In fact, I dress to match. :p The blue-jeans-blue-Bbag outfit should never be a problem so don't let that keep you from this gorgeous City!

    Meanwhile, since you're looking for blues (I'm a blue person myself), how about Blueberry? It's really hard to find (but we all love a challenge, don't we? :graucho:) but it's a beautiful, rich deep blue. Another blue like Moonstarr suggested would be Sky Blue. There are also lots of blues from past seasons... Or you could wait until Fall when there's going to be Amethyst and Sapphire?

    Anyway, I think EB is a fabulous color. It's that gorgeous splash of color that catches your eye. (I'm always looking over my shoulder at the bright bag of the woman who passes me on the street :p) I agree with Nanaz that maybe you should carry this bag a couple days, see how you feel about it.

    Either way, the EB is an amazing color!! :heart: Good luck!
  11. I have not been wearing dark jeans since I got my EB(it is too freaking HOT where I am now). I do wear light wash mini skirts with EB, off white shorts, all black work outfits, even tops with little blue prints & so far, it works very well. I also enjoy the light-ness of this bag & coz it's all soft, I can sling the handles through my shoulders very comfortably & that's how I carry them if I am not in clothes with bulky/puffy sleeves. Nanaz is right, you should carry it a few days before you decide if you want to keep it. :flowers:
  12. Actually, I think EB is a bright enough shade to go with jeans, especially light or dark wash (eg indigo wash) jeans. Why don't you try her on while wearing your jeans, and see? Or better still post pics for us :smile: If EB was a duller blue then I can see how it would look monochromatic.
  13. i love the color!!! i think it's a super gorgeous bag but if you don't love it, don't keep it. thin leather doesn't really bother me as long as it's smooth and squishy. :smile: let us know what you decide!
  14. Keep it! It will look gorgeous with jeans or even a slinky black dress!
  15. it's a gorgeous color and very versatile too! keep it!