To Dye or Not to Dye

  1. I own the taupe satin rolandos and took them to my fabulous cobbler and he can't get rid of the drivers heel (darker spot from driving) on the right shoe. He's going to try again but suggested that I dye the shoe black or dark purple if the color can't removed from the heel. What do you ladies think? Taupe satin Rolandos become black or purple satin Rolandos? I bought the shoe for the pop of color but it clearly does not fit my lifestyle if it's so easily marred. My accessories need to be able to withstand the elements - I've worn my Vuitton pumps in slush for example.
  2. i would totally dye them purple
  3. purple, but it has to be a nice shade of purple!
  4. You would have to trust your cobbler to let them dye your Louboutins! I would be afraid of them getting ruined. However, if you indeed have a reliable cobbler, then I would die them. Black would certainly hide a lot of trouble spots, but I think a good shade of purple would give you a pop of color while disguising small spots. As far as surviving the elements, I think satin is too delicate for say, rain, sleet or snow.
  5. Definitely Go for the purple! I agree with the other ladies about it adding a great element of color to your wardrobe. Plus if you ever tire of it or it doesn't come out the to be the exact shade you want, you could always dye it black! Good luck, let us know how it goes. I would love to see pics of the finished product!
  6. I think a deep, rich purple would look great. I don't care for violet though. You can never go wrong with black either.