To duchessof .... I fainted ....

  1. duchessof .... I fainted when I saw this picture of your H full leather throw .....:party:


    I saw a similar one a few months ago and just the other day, I saw the full leather shawl!

    Ooooo .... so luxurious!
  2. Oooooo..... Niiiccccceeeee...... :love::love:
  3. That is just gorgeous!
  4. Wowzaaa:wtf:
  5. Re: To duchessof .... I fainted ....
    She is soooo classy!!!
  6. Wowza!
  7. can i come over and have nap? :woohoo::woohoo:
  8. Seriously...I would like to come nap too!!!
  9. That is beautiful! I just saw one at Hermes Fairfax, VA, and wished I could take it home!
  10. I touched a brown one in the Madison Ave. store last week...scrumptious!!
  11. Very nice. :tup:
  12. Yes it IS!!!
  13. I love this throw. I've seen it in black and red. Love it. There's a matching pillow too, if you want.
  14. Beautiful:heart:
  15. Scrumptious duchessof! Especially in this corner - love your coral throw pillow with it!