To die for purse selection...

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  1. I got this link from a gal on another fashion site.

    I can't understand a word of it; but, the selection is absolutely amazing. Also, check our their Balenciagia selection - I have never seen so many B-bags in one place EVER.

    The prices are ridiculous, they overcharge for everything; hoewever, the photo selection is amazing...I could select 20 bags from the Chloe and Balenciagia sections that I would want.
  2. It has the small paddys! I don't know what it says either but I do like looking at the purse pics! Thanks!
  3. Jebus, almost $2,200 for a silver metallic Paddy? Those prices might explain why you see so many asian folks shopping in the high-end boutiques all over the world.
  4. Especially in Japan, Western stuff usually goes for more than it's worth. That's why Japanese ppl will fly to Hawaii to buy high-end merchandise, cause it's cheaper to them.
  5. It's really strange how luxury items are priced higher in Japan yet the market in Asia is still immense.. well, I guess it's sheer volume. There are more Louis Vuitton bags sold in Japan than anywhere else.. and not just fake ones ! :lol:
  6. i drolled on my keyboard... well almost hehe =)
  7. Oh man, I spent about 30 mins browsing that site :love: So many beauties, so little money :-X