To Dev in the South of France

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    Just back from the So. of France. Your shopping advice was great - Aix is a small and beautiful city with great stores! I did some nice clothes shopping both at Alain Manoukian and Gerard Darel, but decided to wait on the bags since we had decided to stop in Cannes the last day. Big mistake! We arrived past 7 P.M. and the stores were closed!! So all I did was look in the windows. But it’s okay - we are planning to be back in the area later this Spring or early Summer. My biggest regret was not getting a Gerard Darel bag :sad: - waiting for bigger things!! How stupid of me - those bags are just lovely and great prices. Do you know these bags? Are they popular in France? What colors do you see this time of year? Thanks for your advice.
  2. Hoping you see this thread. Do you have any Gerard Darel?
  3. Hey Dev - Hope you see this!
  4. Hi sylviap! When I saw this thread I did a double-take, and thought "uh-oh, did I piss someone off???" I don't know why I thought someone had to be mad at me to address a thread to me, but I'm glad that's not the case. :p

    I'm happy to hear that you had a nice trip. Isn't it annoying that things close so early here? At least you'll be returning to do more shopping next time!

    Gerard Darel bags are VERY popular here (along with Longchamps PLiage bags and Vanessa Bruno totes). Most French women wear mainly black or other dark colors, and the most popular Gerard Darel bag is probably the simple "24 heures" (aka Charlotte) in black or brown. I don't have one because I prefer bags that are a bit less ubiquitous. If you do a search on here, you'll find some threads with pics of the bags that some tpfers own.

    I personally like the new 24 heures frangé in white, as it's a bit more interesting and unusual. It's the fringed bag that you probably saw in the boutique (I don't usually like fringe, but this one is nicely done I think).

    Check out the Gerard Darel site, if you haven't already. It has been updated (a few weeks ago there was nothing there). The 48 heures a poches zippées (under the Saint-Germain heading) looks an awful lot like the Tano "Love Boat" bag below. How interesting...