To Dentelle or Not To Dentelle...?


To Dentelle or Not To Dentelle...?

  1. Buy the Dentelle Speedy (Gold or Silver)!

  2. Buy the Damier Speedy and Vernis Accessories instead!

  3. Get something else entirely!

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  1. I don't know what's the matter with me??? Normally, I'm pretty decisive about handbag purchases, but this week I've been :confused1:...

    I'm waitlisted for a Gold OR Silver Dentelle Speedy, but I don't know if I'm crazy about it! I was so excited until I saw it IRL, and now I'm a little on the fence. It IS limited (I think) but I was just thinking, with the amount of money the Dentelle speedy would cost, I could get a Damier Speedy, a Pomme agenda, and a Framboise cles, which I want to buy too! :sweatdrop:

    I feel terrible about removing myself from the waitlist cuz the SA was so nice, but I'd feel even worse about returning it.

    So what do you think? Would the Dentelle Speedy be a FABULOUS buy or should I go with the Damier, Pomme, and Framboise options??? TIA!
  2. Well, if your not "crazy" about the Dentelle Speedy then I wouldn't waste money on it.

    I would rather get something that I really wanted.

    So my vote went to get the Damier Speedy, Pomme Agenda (which is so gorgeous) and the Framboise Cles. :love:

    Spend your money on something that you KNOW you will be happy with.
  3. No offense to any one who DOES like the dentelle but I do not like it AT all. It just doesn't do anything for me sadly :sad:

    It looks too delicate to me, like the print will chip off? i dont know..
  4. I don't which is the best option for you but if you do get the dentelle I'd go for the silver I think it's prettier than the gold but then again you get a lot of stuff if you go for the other option
  5. I say go for dentelle since it's LE. Sell it if you hate it. There will be a market for it for resale, for sure. The azur is a permanent line. Get vernis stuff in pomme since it's LE also if you really want it tho. Hard decision. I am having the same problem. I am waitlisted but not crazy about it but I think I will be when I get it. But I bugged the crap out of SAs to get on the list.

    I just hate to think of the dentelle being like the other LE items I've passed on and regret it later when/if I decide to like it again. I had all the Cerises (except Lezard of course! lol) and got so tired of cherry within a couple of months and sold them off for incredibly cheap prices just to be rid of them! I changed my mind quickly and now regret that move big time and have started collecting again and having to pay big money for them.

    I have seen many on here with the same dentelle problem! What to do!
  6. You can get vernis and damier and permanent lines whenever. Dentelle is a truly unique piece that won't be around. Get Dentelle.
  7. I love the dentelle!
  8. Get the Dentelle. Because you may regret when you see fleeting glimpses of it especially in the Bay Area.
  9. As tempting as the Dentelle Speedy may sound, get the Damier Speedy and Vernis accessories instead.
  10. I :heart: Dentelle
  11. LE or not, i don't think it's worth it if you don't love it.
  12. Yeah you're right. I loved it enough to waitlist but seeing it irl can be so different... I hope for the best tomorrow.
  13. If you don't LOVE the dentelle, go with the damier speedy and vernis items!
  14. I definitely wouldn't want it. I don't like it in the first place, so I'd go for the Damier Speedy and Vernis pieces you want.