To decrease shine, is it Apple or LMB that s/b used?


Jun 22, 2006
So I've spent an hour or so looking at old threads trying to pinpoint which product I should use to reduce the super shiny look of a new Bbag. I love a matte wrinkly leather and the one I just got is so glossy and shiny...just not my cup of tea. Great leather though, but it's shiny and all I want to do is get that shine off. I think the consensus was not to use Lubriderm, but I'm confused as to whether I get Apple or LMB to reduce shine. Which specific product is it, since I see they both offer various products? I'd hate to end up putting something on it that actually keeps the shine....I know so many have posted about this, but after reading various threads, I can't pinpoint which product I need. Thanks a ton ladies and gents!


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
For me, it's Leather CPR. Great for cleaning and conditioning a bag that is already matte but if there's a gloss shine, Leather CPR will remove it. You can buy this product at hardware stores or Bed Bath and Beyond.

Barbara at LMB advised me not to use Apple as it has a higher PH level than CPR. CPR is safer, but it will definitely take away the shine (I made the mistake of using it on a small area of one of my bags and the shine went matte.)