To decorate the *Speedy* or not??

  1. :confused1: So I have seen a lot of cute charms and such on ya'll Speedys. I'm thinking about a cute Coach sun to put on mine. Would that clash with the LV? I think it's adorable and I want to make my beloved Speedy "mine." Any thought, suggestions, comments would be appreciated. What do you put on your Speedys?

  2. Sure, why not. I interchange my keychains on them..Groom cles, Cerises cles/PMR, silver disco ball, Jack & Lucie (both colors), Inclusion Speedys etc.
  3. My old MC White Speedy I didnt put anything on it cuz it was loud enough itself. But I just bought at Speedy 30 today and I already have a few Juicy Couture charms in the their boxes in the closet just waiting for it to get here!
    I got a bunch at Nordstrom Rack for like 20 bucks each! So I snatched up everyone they had!
  4. Sure thing! I have a black speedy and it looks very classic without anything on it. If I put a charm on it, it makes it seem like a much more fun-loving bag!
  5. I love attaching something cute to bags.
  6. ^^ita
  7. I think I'm going to get a charm for it. A girl in one of my classes had a Mono Speedy 30 just like mine...but mine looks SOOOO much better!! It made me laugh a little bit b/c I didn't bring mine w/ me at the I'm gonna have the nicer bag w/ a super-cute charm! YAY!! Thanks ya'll!!!
  8. I don't put anything on my speedy, but I love to see others accessorizing, I just haven't had the time to check out the extras. :sad:
  9. I don't put anything on mine, it seems weird to me. I don't know jewlery for the bag? or kind of girlish? I don't know. I want to! LOL more fun stuff to buy, but I just can't get into it?
  10. Here are my two Speedys dressed up with my new Pomme D'amour Cles and my juicy charm.
    damier w pomme.jpg mono with pomme.jpg
  11. I think your sun would be an adorable personal touch:love: I have a juicy cherries charm on my speedy 30 and also use it on my cerises speedy:heart:
    DSC03894.JPG DSC03904.JPG
  12. i think it would look great! there is a forum here about coach charms on lv bags... you will have a great reference there!
  13. Aww I *LOVE* your Juicy charm! Super cute! I'll check out the Coach on LV thread! Thanks!! :yahoo:
  14. yup! I think it's fine to decorate LVs! coach, juicy, no-name accessories are all fine with me! :biggrin:

  15. I sort of agree. I don't put anything on mine - I think just having a LV brings enough attention. I like the way they look in pics of other's bags - but it's just not my thing. :s