To D-ring or not to D-ring...

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  1. Hi all. I don't know if this is the right place to post so feel free to redirect to a different section if it's not.

    I've read some threads on the forum about missing D-rings on some bags, like the Trevi for example. A lot of people question the authenticity of the bags with no D-rings. My friend bought a WC Speedy and it didn't have one but it's definitely authentic as it was bought in the store. She asked the SA about it and all she got was "sometimes it happens". The SA told my friend that if she wasn't happy with it and wanted a new one (plus a D-ring) then she would have to go on the waiting list again.

    Any thoughts? Is the quality control in LV going slack?

  2. LV changes tiny details like d-rings and interior pockets (zip, no zip), handle hardware (Damier Pap) from time to time

    It has nothing to do with quality control unless there is an obvious error in manufacturing (missing stitch, etc.)
  3. Thanks Addy!

    That's a better explanation than "sometimes it happens". lol
  4. ^^^ You're welcome! lol