to customize or not to customize??

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm thinking of having my 1st customized St Louis done and before I do so, I would like to know if there's any feedback regarding the stripes? Does it come off or chip easily if you use the bag regularly? Or is it a good investment and will last me a long time?

    Can't decide if I'll have both initials and stripes done or just one! :nuts:

    Thanks so much for your help! :biggrin:
  2. I'm not an expert as I've never personalized my bags, but I've heard that the stripes/initials hold up better if you:

    1. Personalize a brand new bag that has not been used
    2. Keep the personalization to one side of the bag

    I'm sure others will jump in.
  3. I have 2 St Louis bags and neither are personalized. I initially considered it but felt it would make the bags more limiting for me (stripes that is). I do find the stripes pretty on others bags though.
    I read somewhere a while back that after 4-5 years someone's stripes started to crack but I'm sure that they can be redone.
  4. Hi Ahertz! Thanks for that info! :biggrin: Yup that's exactly what I'm planning! Just waiting for more replies before I finally make the big decision! haha

    Hi Sus! How about putting your initials? :biggrin: Thanks for the warning! Ok will try to find that thread..
  5. I think if you have the money, and want to personalize your bag, go for it. I'm sure in the LONG run, and I mean REALLY LONG RUN, there will be a possibility that the paint may chip, but that just comes with age. I just personalized my green St. Louis GM with stripes and initials, and am very happy that I did. It adds so much character to the bag and makes it that much more personable. That's my opinion. Hope I was helpful. Good luck on your decision!
  6. Hi everyone,

    I have a same problem regarding customize my Ambassade 24H or not? I need to confirm to paris by next week but I think for long run should be fine! It's only take 2 and half weeks to finish anyway -- it is fast I think.

  7. Congratulations on your purchase!:biggrin: Glad to hear that you liked how the bag looked. Ok it seems i have decided to take the plunge and order mine as well! Haha thanks for the help!:biggrin:
  8. I think on a more structured bag, the stripes and initials are great; I have the St. Louis and just got the initials because, like a lot of people mentioned here, I thought the stripe might eventually "crack off". But customization is lovely!
  9. Oh no clashbags i already ordered my bag, was too excited to wait!:smile: but thanks so much for the help, can't wait to get it
    . Will just be extra careful!:smile: