To Crocodile or Not To Crocodile

  1. I have a problem. In the handbag world, it is a very large problem. I CAN'T DECIDE WHICH BAG TO BUY!!!!

    Here are my choices: (Both New)

    30cm Black Nilo Croc/Palladium
    35cm Chocolate Porosus Croc/Gold

    I like Palladium better, but I think brown Croc would be killer...I like 35cm better, but a little black Croc would be really great...I would rather have Porosus, but Nilo is less expensive...What is a girl to do?

    I'm about to get both...but a $50,000 charge on the DH would not be pleased...

    HELP! :girlsigh:
  2. i you can get both if you can not choc all the way (even thoug i prefer the black the combo size and croc on the choc is way better)
  3. I vote chocolate!
  4. I would go with the chocolate one. I think there will aways be black crocs around the corner, but a choco one in the size you like is a lot less likely. plus, gold hw looks GREAT with chocolate. Please post pictures when you get it!
  5. Oh, if I could only be you for one day, User! :biggrin: *sigh* What a decision! Like Whispa posted, the Chocolate Porosus Croc/gold sounds like a beautiful combination!
  6. Sounds like everyone agrees! Chocolate here I come! I am going to post pictures as soon as I get it (either tomorrow or the next day!!)
  7. Yay! :yahoo: Little late but I love chocolate too!
  8. I am so excited, I LOVE this forum!!! When ever I get a bag I want to call someone and be like WOOHOO but most of my friends aren't *quite* as in to bags as I am, so glad you guys know how I feel!!!!
  9. I want to knock on Hermes' door and be like, "Excuse me, I don't care that you're closed becuase you almost exploded this morning, MY BAG IS IN THERE!"
  10. Can't wait for these pics!!!
  11. I would buy the chocolate seems like you don't like the black that much because it's Nilo. Wait for a black you do like.
  12. Congrats on your bag !! WOA :yahoo:....Good for you, post the pictures to us !! What a lucky girl :graucho::graucho:...hahahaha
  13. Okay, I'm going to vote for black! I love black croc and it's so elegant!!!
  14. Wow, I'm going to watch close for the next couple days for these amazing pictures to come !!
  15. ooops it is about the birkin (somehow i thought kelly silly me) than i say black all the way :shame: