To create a store or not?

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm thinking of selling clothes and shoes on eBay, but I was wondering whether I should create a store or just list it? Is there a limit of how many items you can list? what's the different?
  2. I sell a lot and I just list each her own, but my theory is when I'm shopping, I don't look in the stores because usually the prices are much higher than in the auctions, so I just do lots of auctions

    I'm thinking about opening a store for some of the off season stuff that I have since I can list it for longer, but that's about it
  3. I never look at the eBay stores when I'm shopping on eBay
  4. Items in eBay stores don't come up in search results and eBay store items can only be sold at fixed price rather than auction. I only ever sell using the auction format
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  6. ^^ Sorry you can not post that on here
  7. Where should I post it?
  8. You can't request that anywhere on the board as it's adevrtising
  9. cool, thank you for the helpful info guys.:smile: