to clean or not to clean, that is the question

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  1. Hello Ladies! I need your opinion...the handles of my speedy are starting to slowly get dirty from normal everyday use, but the bag is still 4 weeks old. It's not bugging me too much, but whenever I grab her, I can't help but inspecting the handles. My SA recommended lightly rubbing the handles with an eraser, the minute I see a bit of dirt. My girlfriend thinks I'm crazy for carrying the eraser around in my purse, hehehe *blush*, but the leather hasn't really started the patina process yet, and I want the handles to have an even patina later on. Should I leave well enough alone for now, and let the leather due it's natural thing (with the inevitable and natural elements from daily use) and then Mr.Clean Magic Eraser the handles later on when it's a noticeable dark honey? Or start MCME-ing it now, adding leather conditioner on it, so that I can produce that even patina as my bag ages?
    I know I shouldn't worry about it too much, but eeeee...:shame:

    What would you do?
  2. did you try magic eraser dry? sometimes that can work. if it were my speedy, i'd call LV first and ask them what to do. even using H20 causes the leather to patina early - that darn vachette is soooo sensitive.
  3. hi hawaii2484 :smile:
    thanks for the reply!

    I haven't tried the Magic eraser yet, I've just been using a regular white eraser for now. I'll call the SA tomorrow, and see what she recommends.
    Yeah, it's totally sensitive :s
  4. Don't use the magic eraser now. Its just too strong. I would use the eraser, and wipe it down occasionally with a non- alcohol baby wipe. I've had a palermo since Nov and no dirt yet.
  5. Thanks BagsRMe!! I'll try that out... :smile:
  6. My S.A. suggersted a plain white clean eracer for dirty marks, they keep one in the store for that reason!!

    I said, would it be a good idea to use a leather conditioned, and he look 'a fit'.

    Never put anything on it according to him.

    I don't know about the M.E. but will try it next time I get a mark on one of my purses.

    Good luck
  7. I wouldn't use the Magic Eraser yet...its better to use it on dirty vachetta with darker patina
  8. I finally settled for the slower patina process and apple guarded my vachetta. I just couldn't handle being nervous about all of that naked vachetta. Now I don't have to worry so much about every little thing.
  9. baggers... hehe aww thanks for the info! I called my SA this morning, and she said the same thing.

    csewallh, queemab...thanks for the advice, I decided to just let nature takes its course and let the wonderful leather do its thing...and to worry about it later ;) I'll keep my trusty plain white eraser nearby, and invest in a good leather protectant.

    TPF'ers, ya'll are the best! :heart:
  10. An eraser worked good for me.
  11. what is magic eraser? Also, what do you do when the areas get lines on the vachetta:sweatdrop:
  12. I brought my Cerises 25 (so you can tell, it's a few years old... ) in to my local LV because the handles are dirty (due to my constantly buying newspapers with cheap newsprint that rubs off on my hands...) and the SA said there's nothing you can do except have LV replace the leather completely (which obv I am not in a big rush to do....). So I would try what others on the forum recommend, but don't get too upset if the ideas don't work for you--just the nature of the vachetta handles...
  13. Noooooo don't Magic Clean Eraser it! The handles will dull! I tried it recently, hence my "Mr Clean Magic Eraser Mess?!?!" thread. I did it, and I regretted it! That's just my advice though.
  14. I had the exact same problem with my Manhattan pm. When I noticed some dirty marks on the strap, I wiped it with baby wipes, and most came off. Now I just make sure i wash my hands and carry it with my arm. Maybe tie a scarf(a louie one:p) around the handles when in use. Hope that helps.

  15. Try a mild milk cleanser, there was a posting with before/after photos of black being removed off the leather. Do a search, the posting was very recent.