To claify and forgive me as I vent a little...

  1. about let-trade.

    A while ago I posted about a purchase I made through eBay with let-trade.

    In that post, I did not insult or tell others not to deal with them. I only asked for advice on where to look for a particular "date code" location that was not on my bag as they had advertised.
    I had sent several PM messages and emails to let-trade without ever receiving a reply. The initial one was to ask them when they were shipping out my bag. They replied to that one only after I had requested for the same courtesy I had given them when I had sent my prompt payment. The remaining was asking them where the stamp code was.

    Only after I posted here on the forum and sent my last email and my last PM message stating how I would leave a "feedback"...only then did I receive a reply.

    They stated how it was my email that had a problem. Needless to say, I received their first reply and everyone else's emails and PM's. I felt I needed to claify that.

    Please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to bring up an old subject that has been resolved and closed. I only wish to clarify and vent a little.

    I didn't quite seem to mind them stating on the tPForum how my email seemed to have a problem. All in all, I felt good about how this transaction ended...until...

    This is where I vent...
    I left my positive feedback on eBay for them; "Trans. was a success! let-trade was accomod. & handled situation professionally."
    Let-trade left theirs; "Valuable customer N nice person to deal with.Your email got problem. Pls fix up"

    Perhaps to others that was a me, it was at best a neutral. This untrue statement is now "permanently" on my feedback.

    That irked me...if you want, you can see how my feedbacks say how I have excellent communication and quick payment. I looked at their tPF posts, they have had the occasional delayed email replies/website problems in the past.

    Again, please keep in mind, I do not wish to have any future comments that will lead to any misunderstandings. I only wish to vent a little.

    Thanks for listening.

    Btw, for the curious...Let-trade stated how it was their shipping department that sent the wrong bag. They offered 3 options to resolve the situation. (1. keep the one they sent (they said they sent the better one), 2. send back bag 2 and they will ship bag 1 to me (shipping both ways on them), or 3. full refund.
    I didn't want to wait for the back and forth of the bags, therefore I chose option 1.

    p.s. Mods, If I wasn't suppose to vent like this...I am sorry...please close this post if need be.
  2. that sucks let trade is retarded for doing that. if all went well in the end n u had given them a positive they shouldve given you one back even with the same statement.
  3. Sorry - I'm confused. They left you positive feedback but stated in it that you are having problems with your email and you should fix it?
    I don't see that as negative - they were just mentioning it.
    Also this doesn't affect your rating or anything.
  4. They did give a positive.

    Also I should mention that English is not their first language so sometimes what they say culd sound rude - even if it's not supposed to be KWIM?
  5. I don't see it as a neutral feedback as well. It's totally your right to vent if you feel like the comment they gave was not all 100 percent positive.

    I've just recently had business with let-trade and I must say they are professional and verrry easy to deal with. Hats off [​IMG]
  6. well you mentioned that they never replied to your emails and they are just saying that they did but your email had problems. i'm not sure what the big deal is plus a positive fb is a positive fb. no one really reads the contents of the fb anyways and it will get masked after you get more fb.
  7. Yes, I agree this sounds confusing.

    There wasn't any reason for them to leave a partial comment like that. How can they say that my email was having problems and yet I was still able to receive their first email and other emails and PM's from other tPF'ers?

    While it does not affect my rating or anything...leaving that kind of comment only made it seem like I was the one with poor communcation skills and not them.

    I could have left a feedback mentioning how they have poor communication and did not answering my emails and how they sent the incorrect bag. I chose not to because in the end, they made their offer and I accepted it.
    That is why in my feedback I had said they were accomodating and handled it in a professional manner.

    Keep in mind that all this would not have happened if their shipping department sent the correct bag. I did not leave a feedback mentioning "you have poor communications skills and your shipping dept. needs fine tuning but the transaction was great!"

    I also do not see it as a negative. I know it was a some ways.

    Also, I know that English is not their primary language... that was not the problem. It was them "not answering my emails and then sayingI was having the email problems."

    Again, thanks for listening.

  8. Yes, I think I also would have had a nice transaction if all went well from the get go.

    Thanks for listening.

  9. Ya, good point - there was no reaon for them to mention it on your FB.

    I know it makes me mad when I see anything negative on my comments too -- but just know it won't actually effect you at all :smile:
  10. As to their never replying to my emails, I only mentioned it here on the forum. Not on the feedback.

    How can I be having email problems if I can still be receiving emails and PM's from other tPF'ers. How can I just not receive only their emails?

    Yes, I understand that a postive is still a positive and that it is not that big of a deal to some. However, like I had previously stated, I need to clarify that there is nothing wrong with my emails and to vent a little.

    Thanks for listening.

  11. Yes, I hope that it doesn't.
    It did make me a bit mad since I didn't think it was my communication skills or my email having problems.

    Boutiques, here I come... unless of course a Stephen bag should come along. ;):p

  12. I can definitely see YOUR side of it, 4Kings. They wanted to show that if there were communication problems it was YOUR fault, and others would see that when they read the feedback. Kinda unprofessional, IMO.
    Which is why I NEVER do re-sellers, especially in foreign countries.
    You should TOTALLY stick with the LV boutiques or Elux. All new and guaranteed authentic !!
  13. 4Kings I see your point, however I really think that you should have mentioned some of these issues in their feedback.
    You could have still left them positive feedback but a mention of some of the issues you faced may be helpful to others.
  14. You can always add to the feedback they left you - 'respond' I think it's called.
  15. 4kings, im on your side.