To cheer you up - great sellers do exist!!!

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  1. I bought an expensive LV item off eBay. The seller accepted my offer, will overnight the bag to me and then even asked me to join her at a LV store event she had been invited to! :nuts: Don't know if I can go or not but how nice is that? :okay::woohoo:
    So if all goes well with the bag tomorrow, I'm a very happy customer! :wlae:
  2. That is awesome!

    There is still a bunch of good sellers, and buyers for that matter. You just only hear about the nasty ones here. I make a living selling on eBay and I haven't run into half the stuff that gets posted here. I have had a few bad buyers/sellers but nothing that would make me go away completely.
  3. Wow, that's so nice! I'm glad to hear that people still have positive experiences on eBay. Really, if you find the right seller, it's a great experience! Congrats on your new bag!
  4. Aw, congrats! It's nice to hear such a positive story. I've had some great experiences, too. Sellers (and buyers) are out there! :yes:
  5. Oh wow, what a great seller! Congrats to you :smile:
  6. Congratulations! :jammin: It's so easy to forget that most Seller's are honest.
  7. Happy endings are the best case scenario so please update us on your purchase when received.
  8. Well, I'm still a happy customer... got her today:




    Don't know whether I can go to the LV party but it's really sweet to ask!
  9. Congrats on your bag, it's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your positive story.
  10. Wow, how great! Go to the LV party -- it will be fun! I'm going to the San Francisco party tonight!
  11. Great story! Gorgeous bag!
  12. Yay! Thanks for sharing your good news and for posting pictures of your lovely new bag. It's nice to hear that you had a good experience. I almost always do too, but it's easy to forget hearing the horror stories. I hope more people share their good experiences!
  13. It is so nice to hear a positive ebay story! I have bought and sold a couple of Balenciagas on ebay and have had a wonderful experience with all of them! I feel so sad when people get cheated because ebay can be so great! I guess I am just lucky!
  14. I'm going to the party with my seller... :nuts: Hopefully we will have fun, I'm really curious how she is! LOL! :yes:
  15. And then??? I'm curious!!! LOL