To change or not to...Pochette Wallet In Amarante...

  1. I have just bought a Pochette Wallet in Amarante, bought at impulse as that is the last piece in store and whole Singapore out of stock. Thinking of changing it into other material as it gets finger print easily and need to wipe off very often.

    What's your opinion?

    Any advise?
  2. NOOO don't return it... !
  3. But it's so pretty...:shrugs: I think you should keep it.
  4. keep it!!!!
  5. As pretty as it is, I passed on it because I couldn't stand the fingerprints left behind, so I bought an bag in Amarante instead!
  6. Tot of changing it to damier or azur pochette....
  7. if you don't really like it, exchange it.
  8. Keep it!!!!
  9. The Amarante color is pretty but fingerprints will get to me. I prefer the Pomme color instead.
  10. It depends how much the fingerprints bother you. I wanted to purchase an amarante koala wallet, because I am so in love with this colour. But I have to admit the fingerprints drove me crazy. If you are always going to be wiping it, it probably is not worth it. But if you can look at a few prints and just enjoy the magnificent colour then I say keep it.
  11. keep it! The color is so beautiful!
  12. If the fingerprints really bother you, then return it. I passed on Amarante because of this and got Pomme instead. I did get the Inclusion bracelet in Amarante though because it's such a beautiful color.
  13. I personally LOVE Amarante and think it looks great on this wallet, but if the fingerprints will bother you a lot, I'd return it..
  14. I think if you're already having doubts you should exchange it for something else; maybe you just got a little caught up in the Amarante rush?

    But I'm biased - too nitpicky for surfaces that show fingerprints.
  15. It's so pretty, but I agree....the fingerprints drive me crazy!!!