To change one's mind: the woman who believed she knew what she wanted

  1. Those who know me also know some very basic H things about me. Some hates and some loves.

    For example I love taurillon but I could kill for anything box, I die for raisin, I love turquoise and vert anis, I love the kelly 15, the clutches...and well honestly the list could be much longer, but we don't have that much time, don't we...?

    What I have always hated (please forgive me but that's just me) is epsom leather, rouge H (I hate HATE HATE burgundy as a color), white contrast stiching (I know I know), and too matte leathers.

    But what's for sure is that I love the Maharani clutch, so I placed an order in Paris about 10 days ago for a Maharani in raisin box, and I was really really happy about that.

    Then three days ago my local H store manager told me they happened to have a black one that had just been turned down by a customer. But when the SA went to the secret back room she just couldn't find it, so they asked me to come back the next day (hey how much stuff did they have in that back room???:nuts: )

    On the next day when I got back there was a box waiting for me, still shrinkwrapped (Kou?:nuts: ), but when the store manager looked at the tag she said looking veeeery sad (she knows me quite well):

    "I'm sorry, it's not black, it's rouge H, it's not box, it's chamonix(which means very matte), I'm sorry it's got white stiching. :shocked: And I don't know where the black one is, there's too much stuff in the back, I think the SA had problems in finding it"
    (I mean, really, HOW - MUCH stuff do they have in there? Can I sleep in there? I am not kidding, I really said it).

    So she sent back the poor SA to the store room and in the meanwhile she opened the rouge H for me because I said I was just curious to see it anyway.

    When she opened it.....A RAY OF LIGHT!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: The MOST beautiful Maharani clutch I have ever seen in my life: The color was so vibrant, the leather was as soft as velvet, and the white stiching...oh! The white stiching enhanced in such a beautiful way the round shapes of the leather buckle. It was almost sexy! Every single one of these white stiches was just so so so perfect. I can't imagine how skillfull and experienced were the hands that sewn this clutch.

    She is so beautiful, so beautiful, so perfect... her perfection is almost arrogant.

    I had to have it. By any means, there wasn't a chance that I could find a better specimen of Maharani clutch, it was love at first sight.

    Ah! By the way, they found the black one. It's very nice, but mine...mine is just unique!

    So here we go with pictures. It's a shame, they don't do her any justice, believe me, she is much better than that in-the-flesh. :p
    maharani veau chamonix rouge H 2 resized watermarked.JPEG maharani veau chamonix rouge H 3 resized watermarked.JPEG maharani veau chamonix rouge H 4 resized watermarked.JPEG maharani veau chamonix rouge H 5 resized watermarked.JPEG maharani veau chamonix rouge H 1 resized watermarked.JPEG
  2. Wow that IS really beautiful. It's so understated, but the quality is still so very visible. :sweatdrop:

    Congratulations. Sometimes giving something a chance In Real Life is worth it even though it might not be what you're usually liking.
  3. oooo fun story. you've got beautiful hands, by the way, trama turgo!
    i guess we have to admit, that our list of preferences aside, hermes really knows what they're doing. LOL
  4. Words just fail me for her beauty!! She is absolutely gorgeous.
    Can I ask 1) what you can fit inside, 2) size and 3) price. I am thinking that I must have one.
    Would love to see a modeling picture.
  5. Woha, that's one sexy clutch. And you did a GREAT job on the photos!

    I am like you, never liked rouge H much. But this clutch is something else. That just proves that never say never is always wise.
  6. OMG!! TT - She is SO BEAUTIFUL (as you have stated )and so classy. I LOVE Rouge H, but this is a very CLASSY rouge H!

    Congratulations! I'm glad you had the black one to look at too, but you are RIGHT! This one is SPECIAL and SPECTACULAR Bag!:yahoo: Thanks for sharing your nice story.
  7. CONGRATS TT! Rouge H in Chamonix really just glows! What an amazing bag!
  8. Great post, TT. I'm in love with the Maharana clutch, too, and nearly bought a black chamonix with black stitching. What held me back was the hope of finding it in box calf.

    Help -- someone with chamonix experience -- please tell me how this leather ages.
  9. I love Rouge favorite red. This is just stunning!
  10. congratulations!
    that's what i keep saying!
    you have to SEE it~~
    it's just GORGEOUS!
  11. Congrats!!

    It just goes to show that the right combination can make or break a bag!!!

    I happen to Love Rouge H, contrasting stitching, and chamonix though!!!!!
  12. Trama - your post was so wonderful and honest! And I LOVE that you were surprised and knocked off of your feet by this bag. It's often the unexpected things in life that add the "color."
  13. "She is so beautiful, so beautiful, so perfect... her perfection is almost arrogant. "

    You said it best... It sure is perfect and I would agree that its perfection is almost arrogant. Love the color and based on pictures the leather looks so luscious and buttery. Congratulations
  14. TT - this is one gorgeous clutch! Congratulations! But I especially love your story and the hope you convey that even the Hermes things we think are awful in our heads may be more than glorious when we meet them irl!
  15. wow! that is gorgeous